Golf Bags Are Great for Golfers

Peter Cunningham asked:

It does not matter if your are a beginner to golf or whether you are a seasoned pro – one that that is for sure is that a good golf bag is a necessity nowadays. Probably next to the golf club and ball the golf bag is the next most important piece of equipment you can own.

Owning a golf bag will accomplish 2 things – firstly it will help you to protect and organise your clubs and other accessories, secondly it will remove one of the things to think about so that you can concentrate on your game.

When looking to purchase or replace a golf bag there are some things that you need to know before rushing out and purchasing the first one you can lay your hands on.

Firstly – what type of bag are you after, carry bag, stand bag or cart bag.

A carry bag does what is says – it is a golf bag which you carry over your shoulder between shots, the only issue with this type of bag is what to do with it when you are playing your shot – you will probably have to lay it on the ground.

A golf stand bagg is the same as the golf carry bag with the exception that it has stands which protude from its underside. These stands are triggered when you place the bag on the ground, when you place the bag on the ground the stands come forward and you are able to rest your bag on the stands. This removes the requirement to lay your bag on the ground and you can be safe in the knowledge that both your bag and clubs will be safe and secure.

A golf cart bag is similar to the other two however it is designed to be utilised on a golf cart. It is normally slightly larger than the other two types of golf bag as there is no requirement to make the bag less bulky to carry around – the benefit of this is that you can arrange your equipment much better as well as having the ability to carry more.

If you are an absolute beginner to the game then you may well be asking – ‘What is a golf bag used for when I only have a few clubs?’

A golf bag is a valuable piece of equipment, no matter how few clubs you have with a golf bag you will have the ability to take other equipment onto the course with you as well as all the accessories that golfers carry. The majority of good golf bags come with a multitude of pockets for you to carry your accessories and personal trinkets. The majority of these are waterproof, however it is recommended that you check the bag prior to purchase. Some bags nowadays come equipped with a pocket which is effectively a drinks cooler so that you can keep your drinks cool when you are on the course. Dont forget as well that you can also get half sized bags to accomodate players with fewer clubs.

When looking to purchase a golf bag take your time, look for ones which you find both pleasing to the eye as well as having all the functionality which you require. If you are looking at a golf carry bag then ensure that you check the shoulder straps prior to purchase and definately try the bag on to ensure that it is comfortable – if you are unsure then ask at the shop to borrow some clubs to fill it with so that you know what it will be like when full of clubs.

No matter which type of golf bag you are looking at make sure that you check the weight – if it is a carry/stand bag then you will have to carry this weight along with everything else inside the bag on your shoulders and a game of golf takes a long time. Even if it is a cart bag check the weight as you still have to lift the bag into/onto the cart as well as to/from your vehicle.

Most bags will have various dividers in them – these are used to both separate your clubs as well as providing valuable protection for both the heads and the shafts. Cart bags tend to have a separate divider for each club, however the other variety tend to have less. One thing to remember is that the more dividers a bag has the more heavier it probably will be.

You will be spending a long time with your golf bag when you are out on the course so you want to ensure that you purchase on where you can get to your clubs and all other equipment/accessories quickly and easily. Try not to be tempted into purchasing one of the cheaper varieties as they do not last as long as the more expensive counter parts and no doubt you will need to change it before long.

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