5 Tips to Start Your Own Magazine

Christy Myers asked:

Publishing the magazine is very creative business with many hidden risks. The publishing business involves various threats because it needs huge investment initially to make the magazine attractive.

Apart from good contents it also needs four-color printing layouts on glossy covers and good paper quality. It also contains good photographs and cartoon characters according to the story.

Here are the tip starts your magazine

1. You must have to select the subjects, which are useful for the audience. You must aims to get larger viewership in specific sector. It is essential to start magazine for sector specific.

2. Once you decide on the subjects, you must get the details about the present magazine publish in the local as well as international market. You must get idea about the subscription and content, design and printing of the magazines so you must add well content, design layout and the better printing quality.

3. You also thing the magazine should make money by subscription or from the advertisements. Defined the income model for the income and get the break-even point. Also make the strategy about how to come out from the break-even point to get profit. Minimum three years need getting the profit in any types of magazine.

4. You must decide the periodicity of the magazine and tie-up with the postal department to have cheaper dispatch. It is ideal that you must start think your magazine initially with by-monthly or quarterly to get more advertisement.

5. Your magazine must cover the hot issues of your sector. Also covers opinion of the leaders.

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