Custom Poster Printing: 10 Ideas on Testing and Marketing your Poster Ads

Carla San Gaspar asked:

Once upon a time, even custom poster printing had to be done in large volumes. Start-up businesses and small scale entrepreneurs had to put all their bets on a single poster design that can do the sales pitch everywhere.

Fast forward to present, custom poster printing is more than printing your exclusive designs. Custom poster printing allows greater flexibility where you can print in your desired number and in your desired sizes among many others.

1. Making advertisement is a balance of being different enough to be noticed, but safe enough to be endearing. With custom poster printing, the cost of learning may be a little less costly. You can readily print a set of materials you can use to study your market’s responses.

2. Custom poster printing enables you to acquire brilliant prints that are no just prototypes – but actually prints you can observe if you were to print them in bulk.

3. With custom posters, you can once again study your print better as it offers valuable insight on your different design studies. Let your concepts be translated unto posters and see what it looks like in real life, in a background setting, in a particular environment.

4. Slowly but surely, you can print posters piece by piece with custom poster printing. You can print and study your poster, refine your design and print once again until you are satisfied with your final artwork.

5. Going through this testing process is much better than printing a thousand pieces blindly. Building up your posters and printing your studies print by print may save you time, effort, and money in the long run. It can also give you a better return of investment or ROI on your advertisements.

6. Niches. Relate to your target audience better with posters that would communicate to them. Customize your design and copy to your desired clients and give them the exclusivity they need. Attach this sense of identity to your market through your customized posters and be a more accessible brand to your clients.

7. You may have a particular product to promote, but there are a million ways to sell them to different people. Of course, you may have the profile of your target market in mind, but even then, they are unlikely to be a homogenous group. Communicate in the manner how subcultures and cliques can better respond to you.

8. You can expand and use custom poster printing to create a poster series. With generic posters, one is tempted to include every bit of information in the poster. The end result may be one cluttered poster that tries to say too much and end up being too wordy and unattractive.

9. Focus on one aspect that the audience can grasp at a glance. You should stop trying (even if it’s tempting) to showcase all the products in one poster or listing all advantages and crowding the whole poster.

10. Create a picture series that builds up on each others strength. Use a single theme, perhaps a single setting, a single product with a series of its applications.

Make these ideas yours and apply them to your custom poster printing projects. Do no be limited with your copy or design and even printing options. There are still many avenues you can discover so contact your printing company now and know just what they can do for you and your posters.

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