Prevent Water & Fluid Waste Loss With Pond Liners

westernliners asked:

Often the best solution is to have a custom made pond liner made out of a material that specifically fits your application. It is important that the product meets the requirements of your project but does not have extra qualities that are not needed and cost more. Beware of companies who promote one product as being the one and only solution for all applications.

Pond liners often are easy to install, frequently only needing a few people to roll the pond liner out and into a surrounding trench to secure the liner. Liners can be fabricated into one piece for most projects if an easily seam-able liner product is chosen. If a pond liner is too large to make in one piece (often times over 2,500 pounds) some pond liner companies can help install the product for you by seaming multiple pieces together in the field. It is also possible to install the pond liner panels yourself with an easy to use hot air gun.

In the open market you can find several different pond liner materials. It is important to choose liners made out of materials such as a PVC, Reinforced Polyethylene, Polyrpropylene, & Xr5 which can be seamed together by heat.  Products that are fabricated by heat in a factory ensure that the liner is put together in a controlled environment which helps lower the chance of a bad seam. Heat seams also make it easy to make any repairs that may be needed in the future. A simple hot air gun can be used to patch any tear or hole in the field. These products are also easily foldable which helps make shipping and installing the liner easier.

For fresh water, a product such as Reinforced Polyethylene can be used. For containment of waste water, products such as PVC or Reinforced Polypropylene might be the way to go. These are only a couple examples of the many applications where different liners may be needed.

Make sure when purchasing a pond liner that you give the company you are buying from as much information about your application as possible. This will allow a good pond liner company to choose the product that gives you the most value for your purchase.

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