Install Large Window Boxes

Manish Sharma asked:

Install bins window can be a pleasure craft project and care must be taken to right! There are many media nowadays that hook to your window or railing and let you sit in the window box above. That is fine if your window box is small and you do not plan on filling with soil. However, if your window is larger than the case 30 or it will need to support more weight than fake flowers, it is imperative that you install your window boxes in a safe and secure manner in order not to pass in the fall or break. Window box decorative brackets can be added, but rarely used as a method to go to support a window box.

First, flower boxes must be installed so that they are robust and level. This is important not only so that it looks right, but it is flowing. This is another reason to avoid simplistic support systems that can bend and deform under the weight of a well-planted window box. The ideal method for installing windows to use the old proven bolt anchor shift method. By obtaining and installing a window box outside the house this way, you can make it level, solid, and above all safe. And as an added feature, it will certainly add value to the home by becoming an integral part of it. The best way to ensure a window of your home is at anchor in the back of the box and directly in the house. To do this you’ll need to drill a 3 / 4 “hole in the back of the window box approximately every 18” window box length.

PVC windows are great for holding the paint and the paint will not fade or peel. They are an update on the wood that has issues of maintenance and vinyl, which can be painted and have a shiny appearance to them. For PVC windows, if you decide to paint, it is recommended to use a latex paint outdoors. Semi-gloss is best to reduce the absorption and Sunday Sherwin Williams even made a vinyl paint that works well with PVC to make more of the same. Remember to leave within a window box unpainted, whatever its material made from. You never want the painting to be in direct contact with the soil and water. Painting in direct contact with water, soil and roots, will kill the existing facilities and prevent future growth.

The placement of the holes should be centered vertically. Then, transfer the location of these holes by holding the window box of the window and put a pencil or marker through the holes… These will be your anchor points to support the box. Place a 5 / 8″ extensible lead anchor in each of the holes you drilled. The anchors must be able to receive 3 / 8 “lag bolts and work by the expansion of the bolts are tightened. Now, finally, hold the window box to save and transmit to shift each bolt with a washer through the rear window of the box and in the head anchor. Tighten each lag bolt down to finish and then, finally, use a level to adjust the window box if necessary. Viola! You have installed a box window.

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