Camp Sleeping Bags – Identifying The Best One

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

Many of us would have owned a sleeping bag during our young age, as we had been to camps or trips or either we had it as it was the necessary for childhood sleepovers. But these days it is more then that of a simple zip bag which had with the picture of our desired super – hero.

Those kinds still are accessible in the market. It is made up of only a square cut material which is covered and thus creased into half and both the sides are together zipped well in order to arrive at the right sheath so that it is easy for camper to slither into. To make it portable these bags are now provided with straps and cords and one can thus fold it easily and carry it with him. Also these are endowed with a holder where the bags can be firmly rolled and cleaned. These are water proofs bags. These kinds are sufficient for the basic camping trips, but if you are on a plan to spend loads of time on your bag or if the places you would be visiting are of intense weather environment then you will have to purchase a mummy sleeping bag or a tapered one.

These bags protect you from the extreme temperature and safeguard you. As these bags are narrowed at the foot and the head they are termed as the mummy sleeping bags. This design makes it look similar to that of a mummy’s wrap. Some bags are designed in a way that it fits a women’s body other than the usual sets.

These tapered designed and the close fit bags make it look different from the usual bags in a number of ways. These bags are easily portable as it does not weigh much. The shape of these bags will not help you to roll them and thus you may have to persevere it in the compressed bag with the drawstring closure. These bags are proposed with a duo of other features and are intended to retain the body heat. They are generally not designed to be zipped all way through and around the foot as the zips are potential region for the chillness to pervade and this aspect aids to keep your feet tepid on cold nights. To cover your head these bags are provided with a hood that can pull your head firmly around and thus helps you to sleep comfortably. As the maximum amount of heat evades away through the head, if covered keeps you much warmer also.

Make sure the filling of the bag is done with synthetic as this is the most advisable and popular choice too. Though it cannot be compressed much, it weighs less and this aspect makes the bag to have a nice insulation on it though your whole body load is on it. This bag is not water absorbent and it is also very economical to purchase.

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