8 Reasons to Buy a Bean Bag

Pattrick Jhonson asked:

Are you considering buying new furniture? Have you considered choosing a bean bag for your living room, or your bed room, or your child’s room?

Here are 10 reasons why you should.

Reason 1 – Comfort

Bean bags are the new solution to all your comfort problems. If you feel that your conventional chair or couch doesn’t do justice to the word comfort, try a bean bag. Its filled with soft plastic pellets which makes the bag mould itself according to how your body curves, thus making sitting not a rough experience it used to be. The bean bag is good for your back and joints and makes you comfortable since it places you near the ground.

Reason 2 – Durability

Bean bags are made of leather or vinyl which makes them durable for a long time. It also makes them free of all problems of wooden furniture. The soft pellets which bean bags have get crushed over a period of time due to rigorous use. These need to be changed from time to time to keep the bean bag soft and comfortable. Nowadays bean bags are also available with foam filling, which lasts for a very long time.

Reason 3 – Style

Bean bags give you a wide variety to choose from. They come in all sorts of colors to match your fashion sense or your drawing or bedroom wall paper. Moreover the bags themselves have become a fad of sorts with the young and old alike due to its noveau styling.

Reason 4 – Cost

Bean bags come at a price range which varies roughly within $150 to $400. The costlier bean bags are bigger, branded and can be used sitting, sleeping and lounging. Usually branded bags like love sac, or foof sacs are costlier, but unbranded bags are also available. These bags are comparatively cheaper.

Reason 5 – Availability

Bean bags are widely available. Since it begun to gain popularity, manufacturers have started to produce more and better bean bags for use. Just visit your nearest furniture shop and you should get a bean bag. In the remote possibility that you don’t find a bean bag seller in your vicinity, just log on to the internet, and visit the website of any manufacturer and order a bean bag online.

Reason 6 – Washable

One of the reasons why parents find bean bags ideal for their children’s room, is that bean bags are washable and thus easy to clean and maintain. Children are naturally careless and spilling food or drinks on a couch can very easily ruin it. Bean bags score here since whatever you spill, you can always wash it off.

Reason 7 – Ergonomic

If you have to sit for a long period of time on a chair, you should definitely get a bean bag. It helps your back to a natural position while sitting, which saves you from disorders of joints and spine. Doctors have recommended ergonomic chairs like bean bags keeping in mind their health benefits.

Reason 8 – Movable

Bean bags are very light and thus easily movable whether you want to move it in front of the TV or to your bedroom or to the porch. The multiple uses you can put a bean bag to, are accentuated by this immense flexibility in location.

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