New Features in a Golf Stand Bag

Maxx Johnson asked:

As you are looking for a new golf bag, the equipment manufacturers will place golf bags into either a cart bag or a golf stand bag category.

Typically being made of leather or other durable products, a cart bag is much larger and heavier than a golf stand bag. Cart bags are designed mainly to ride on any type of golf cart such as a push cart, pull cart or a regular gas or electric golf cart. Many people think that these bags are strictly for show however, selecting and pulling your golf club from the golf bag prior to hitting your shot is much easier with the extra room in the bag.

Golf stand bags have changed immensely in recent years with the type of materials changing form has been used in the past. Now you can find a golf stand bag as light a 2.5 pounds without any equipment in it. The dual strap shoulder straps also known as a carry system makes carrying a golf bag much easier on you and your back. The dual strap distributes the weight of what you are carrying much more evenly across your back and is much easier to use than the older single golf bag strap that were used on golf stand bags. With the stand also on the bag, the bag will sit up for you so you do not have to place it on the ground and bend over to pick the weight back up. The legs make it seem like a caddy is right there holding you bag for you and makes pulling a cub out of the bag much easier than when it is laying on the ground.

These hi-tech pieces of equipment incorporate perfect functionality features along with attractive designs. The feather light bags aid in reducing player fatigue which essentially will help.

The whole process of carrying your clubs has become simple and fun. Now were starting too see more women, juniors, and senior players carrying their bags around the course. You can easily slide your clubs off your shoulders into the standing upright position in one smooth motion. The strength of the lightweight materials is 10 times better than before incorporating breath ability and weather resistance into every construction.

The available storage in modern golf bags has also come along way in terms of how much there is and how easy it is to use. You don’t have to fight to get the zippers to open like on the older bags. These modern bags also have special compartments for your bottled water, GPS Unit, cell phone, and even pockets that lock you can secure your valuables such as your keys and jewelry.

So grab a new golf stand bag and get out and enjoy a round of golf while walking with your golf bag on your shoulder. You will receive the health benefits of the walk which have not only been shown to improve your health but also improve your mood. Now everyone can use that can’t they?

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