Teenagers and Wall Posters

William Stephenson asked:

There are some things in life which never change. They stay constant even as the whole world around them changes. Wall posters are one such thing. The unframed wall posters which hang on our walls have been a part of every teenager’s room for ages. Our parents had them in their room, we did, our kids do and I am sure that their kids will also fight with them to let them hang one on their bedroom wall.

More than the decoration, a wall poster is a statement that tells people about who we are and what we stand for. This is the main reason behind their popularity among preteens and teenagers. Posters with hard hitting slogans or statements are a great hit with teenagers. Most teenagers love to show their rebellious side and hang posters of wrestlers or rock stars in their rooms. Much to their parents’ horror, these posters may sometimes be bordering from dark to outright gory, but they still put out a statement and that’s why children love them.

Posters of movies and their actors are also very popular among children of all age groups. We all have been through that sweet phase of life when we had our first movie crush. The star seemed like the most perfect person in the whole world to us and his or her poster on our bedroom wall was our most prized possession. These days, television and music stars have also added in this category. There is nothing better than waking up to the face of your favorite star in the morning. Most parents allow these posters without much protest as they also know how it feels like to be madly in love with someone on screen.

Posters of athletes are also extremely popular among kids, especially those who are interested in sports and play the games themselves. Posters of baseball, soccer, football, and hockey players are sold worldwide and they always remain in great demand.

But posters are not just for teenagers. Many parents decorate the nurseries of their newborns with the posters of cartoon characters and colorful objects. This is actually a great idea as babies get attracted towards colorful things and love these posters in their room. As the child grows up, these posters with random figures and cartoon characters can be exchanged with the favorite characters of the child. These posters are also great for teaching color recognition to the child, besides making his room look bright and cheerful.

Many people take their obsession with wall posters all the way to their adulthood. There is a huge market out there of wall posters for adults. Many people also frame their favorite posters to give it a whole new look and hang it in their house.

No matter what your reason behind putting up a wall poster, one thing is for sure that we all love having one in our home. Such is the attraction of these printed pieces of paper that nobody can escape their charm.

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