My Interesting Experience With Plastic Posters

Janice Jenkins asked:

My experiences with plastic posters have always been unique and interesting ones. If you print posters all the time, be it for business or just for fun, I can tell you that plastic posters offer a unique set of abilities that you can really take advantage of. It has saved me valuable money, especially in terms of long term poster printing and it really has been useful especially on environments where normal posters won’t last too long. It is indeed a new way to print posters that you should look in to.

Plastic printing is actually just part of a new wave of printing style. With the advancements in plastic manufacturing and printing technologies, people have taken advantage of the durability of plastic materials and combined it with the beauty of digital color printing. This merger creates a stunning blend of colorful and photo-realistic printouts with the toughness, longevity and durability of plastic.

So what does this mean for your posters? This means that you can create posters that can last a lifetime which are resistant to water and other fluids. These posters will not tear easily, and their colors and images will never ever fade. I was truly amazed at this collection of properties.

Now, the important thing to take with you here is that you can capitalize on those abilities for your business or for your community. For example, since plastic posters are water resistant, you can place them in locations where no ordinary paper poster has gone before. Maybe you can place promotional posters on the bottom of public or community pools? Cafeterias and coffee shops can also print plastic advertising posters and don’t have to worry about printing new posters all the time because of the possibility of spillage. Local governments, organizations and communities can also use them to print warnings and reminders in their locales even when extreme weathering is present. There are a myriad of ways where you can apply a plastic poster’s abilities to your advantage.

However, there are some drawbacks. One of the big drawbacks of plastic poster printing is the initial cost. It will cost two to three times the normal cost of poster printing. Of course this is an acceptable investment if you plan on using those plastic posters for a long time, but for short term messages it is virtually uneconomical. Also, there is the concern for the environment since plastic posters are non-biodegradable. So if they are not used all the time, they might just pollute the environment by filling up our dump sites.

So printing posters is a double-edged sword really. It has advantages and disadvantages.

But my unique experience with it tells me that if you use those posters right, you can gain all those benefits without impacting too much on the environment and your printing budget. All it takes is a little planning and creativity which we all have plenty of. So think about it and see if plastic poster printing can apply to you.

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