Wholesale Poster: How you Can Get Both Quality and Quantity

Carlet asked:

In advertising for businesses, it is always best to choose a cost efficient technique of producing promotional materials. Wholesale poster printing is an example of this. It serves as both an avenue for advertisement and also as a cheaper option than most materials.

At first, wholesale printing may seem like an expensive choice. For as consumers, we know that the more items that we buy, the bigger the price we pay. Even with buying items by the bulk, we still feel that somehow we are paying the same price for each item. And although we get a discounted price for buying wholesale, the difference is not too noticeable.

This impression, however, can be considered as a mythical concept in the printing world. When you buy or opt for wholesale posters, you can see what difference it does make.

Believe it or not, wholesale printing is a much wiser choice than other printing options. It is the ideal service to use when a company is in need of a large order of posters.

In wholesale poster printing, you get to enjoy these benefits:

1. Wholesale posters are run through offset printing. Offset printing is the standard process used to generate high resolution prints like posters. It is fast and efficient that a volume of posters can be produced easily.

2. Since wholesale posters are run through offset printing, your posters also enjoy the treatment of four color process printing. Through this, posters come out layered with rich and vibrant colors.

3. Wholesale poster printing gives you quality posters without sacrificing quality. Every printing project is handled by a trained printing staff member who only knows how to produce quality prints.

4. Wholesale poster printing is true to its word. When you want cheap posters with high quality, you can order 500 pieces without paying 5 times as much.

When you order a hundred posters, you’ll probably just pay an additional 10% for 500 prints. Isn’t that what you would call a real bargain?

5. Wholesale posters are printed on premium paper stock. You can choose between a 100lb Gloss text or 100lb Gloss cover, which both gives prints more life-like quality and luster.

6. Ordering wholesale posters are does not require you to wait for a long time. You can choose a turnaround time for your wholesale posters from 5 working days, 3 working days and 2 working days.

7. Wholesale posters are made using high quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment all combined with the printing company’s expertise. This assure you of professional quality posters you can use as advertisements, for window displays, instructional material and for promotions, events and tradeshows.

Ordering Wholesale Posters

Getting your hands on wholesale posters is easy and convenient. It’s not like some bargain item you want have to hunt for or fight other customers with.

Wholesale posters can easily be accessed online. You can order them anytime, anywhere. Many commercial printing companies offer wholesale posters for it knows just how much the market needs them.

If and when you finally find a commercial printing company that offers wholesale posters, make sure that you get the best deal in town. Check if the online printing company is a reliable one.

Make sure that you are not only getting the most affordable price possible, but that you are also getting quality as well. Study the product specifications for posters, what sizes are available, the paper stock used, available finishes, and the like.

Remember that the real value for your money doesn’t just indicate how much it buys. With wholesale posters provided by professional printers, you get both quality and quantity.

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