Does Your Postcard Need a Facelift?

Lynne Saarte asked:

So you are tired of seeing the same postcard printing year after year. This time around, with the New Year just starting, you would want to be different and stand out from the entire 4×6, 5×7 color postcard printing out there. It is definitely time for a change.

No matter that you have the most wonderful product and the best customer service ever, you know that nobody notices because you have the same old standard, safe, and yet dull postcard printing you had for the past decade. Your profits, if ever you have one, certainly do not reflect the success you want to have. In fact, you are lagging behind in the competition.

Just look at your color postcard printing for a minute. What do you see? If you see poor postcard print quality, then that is how your target clients would definitely see you. Looking cheap and unprofessional surely makes for a bad impression.

A quality print postcard equals positive impact. So if you want to start getting a positive impression right away, you might want to do a makeover and start creating a new batch of postcard printing collaterals that can give you the head start you need for the New Year.

1- Color postcard printing may be more effective than any two-color postcard. But full color postcards can revive your otherwise dull and unexciting ad even more. It may be a time to be stingy because of the economic crunch. But it surely does not mean that you have to stop spending. There are ways to reduce your costs even if you go full color postcard printing. You just have to look for ways to save on costs without having to sacrifice the quality of your postcard printing.

2- You had your postcards for, oh, like forever! And you have yet to achieve the goals you have set for your company. Do we need to even think about a makeover? A totally new look on your new batch of print cards will certainly do you a lot of good. Not to mention that your business would be the better for it.

3- If it does not pique any interest at all, even an iota, then you really should look into re-designing and totally reformatting your postcard. Maybe it is time to come up with a new message perhaps, or a different purpose. More than a marketing tool, your print ad may also be informative tools that would brand you as an expert.

4- Trash unnecessary elements that only clutter your style. Provide clear, simple and clean design which gets more attention than distraction to your message.

5- Have you seen your graphic images lately? Instead of putting so many photos in your ad, maximize your images. Cut down on your use of graphics. Take out those that distract instead of emphasizing your message. Or better yet. Make a total overhaul and change your graphic image. Stick to the minimum though. One or two graphics will do especially on a limited space such as your postcard.

So go ahead and start redesigning your postcard printing now. A total makeover can certainly give your cards a fresh new start to help you achieve your goals this year.

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