Planning for an Effective Postcard Campaign

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The key to a successful and effective postcard printing campaign is a well thought of plan. Not only will your plan help you keep track of your direction, it will also provide you with a way to measure your success or failure. Here’s how you could plan for an effective postcard printing campaign that is sure to be a winner:

Ask questions first; plan later.

Before you could even begin to map out an effective plan for your postcard printing campaign, you need to ask yourself questions. Your answers would help direct you to your goals and efficiently keep you on track as your postcard planning progresses. These are a few of the questions that need answers:

What is the purpose of your postcard printing campaign?

What are your expectations for your postcards?

Who is your target market?

Do you intend to use your postcard campaign to increase sales? To promote brand awareness? Or to market a new product or service?

How often do you plan to distribute your postcard printing materials?

When you answer these questions, try to be specific and target a group of audience rather than focusing on the general population. It would help you lower your costs and get you more response.

Establish your goal.

Once you know what you plan to do with your postcard printing campaign, it’s now time to establish where and how you want your postcards to reach your target audience. Establishing your goal would help you determine later whether your postcard printing campaign is successful or not. If your goal is to reach the whole population for an entire state, then your campaign should be able to have a list of all the persons and addresses in that particular area. If you plan to give a surprise or discount for a certain period of time that your postcards are in distribution, you have to plan your lead time for your postcard printing project.

Determine the specifications of your postcard printing campaign.

When you start preparing for your specific requirements for your campaign, you need to know what type of postcards you’re going to use, and what size are you going to print. Always remember that your postcards are reflections of what you and your business have to offer your target readers. So choose carefully. The quality of your postcard printing campaign would determine your longevity in your industry.

Provide a specific period for your target audience to respond.

You can easily determine whether your postcard printing campaign was successful when you provide a time frame for your target readers to respond to a particular call to action from your postcards. Phrases such as ‘…while supply lasts’, ‘call now and get a special discount’, ‘special discounts until December 2007’, will help determine your success rate.

And as a final note, don’t forget to outline the benefits to your target readers.

This would help you come up with an effective and compelling copy for your postcard printing campaign. Remember that your target readers are only interested in one thing: how your product will be of service to them. At the end of the day, how you value and provide your customers with quality service would always be the best campaign for your business.

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