Make Them Want to Stop and Read your Postcards

Lynne Saarte asked:

Your postcard printing pieces are great marketing tools to send to your prospective clients because with everything in plain sight, even if your target readers just glance at your postcards they would know what you want to say and have to offer.

So how do you make your target readers stop, do more than glance, and respond to your postcards? With so many print documents vying for your target clients’ attention everyday and every hour, how can you make them stop and listen (in this case, read and understand)?

With Consistency:

With so much information you want to include in your postcard printing project, you would sure want to have a big space to put everything in. However, with your postcard printing project’s limited space, we know for a fact that you can’t very well do that.

That is why you need to focus and highlight on one particular message for your postcards – one objective, one goal, one product or service. Everything should point to that one specific idea. Consistency is the key to getting that sought after impact. The folly of having more than one message in your postcard printing project lessens the impact of it.

Before you start your postcard printing project, you should already have a clear idea and understanding of what you would want to say in your postcards. This means that you make it easy for your target readers to know exactly and instantly what you want from them and what you want them to do with your postcard printing project.

With Significance:

The impact of your postcard printing project depends on what you have to offer to whom. It just means that you don’t offer cat food to dogs. Do you have the right message to the appropriate target readers? Are you sure that what you have in your postcard printing project is what your target clients need?

Even if you have the most well designed and hired the best writer to come up with a smashing postcard printing piece, if your target readers are not interested in what you have to offer, all will be lost. Everything would just be money down the drain.

The most important part of creating your postcard printing project is knowing what your prospective clients need and giving them what they want. If you do that, more than likely that your target audience would have a heck of a time putting your postcards in the garbage bin.

With Simplicity:

Being beautiful doesn’t mean you have to put all your make-up in your face to make it more attractive to others. You just might come out looking like a clown; you’d sure get the attention of a lot of people, but for all the wrong reasons.

This is also true to your postcard printing project. To make your postcard printing pieces more attractive doesn’t mean you have to include all your images, color and great design. Remember that you only have a small space to do all that. In addition to making your postcard printing piece crowded, you’d only make your target readers’ heads spin and confused. They’d have a hard time sorting out your message from all the elements in your postcard printing project. Again, less impact for your postcard printing piece.

Simplicity is still the best advice any designer could ever give you for your postcard printing project. So take heed.

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