Using Full Color Postcards as an Advertising Tool

Charles White asked:

s times when there are lots of messages from the media, postcards are not that costly and is an effective option in advertising, particularly during expansion of your business. Postcards helps advance your business and informs special events when introducing a new product.

Postcards get noticed as soon as the person picks up or flips through the mail. Unlike direct mail messages in envelopes, every person who handles your postcard sees your sales message, and unlike a direct mail piece that looks like a check or a mail from your bank that tricks you into opening the envelope, postcards say it all in one glance. They can be sent for a single first class stamp or standard mail letter size. No envelopes, as it is printed with the postal stamp. No brochures to fold. Compared to any other communication medium, postcards are easier to handle. They can be mailed to specific target markets where your advertisement will be most effective. The person who reads your postcard could be a potential client.

Postcards may be full-colored on both sides or coated on one side (there is a gloss on one side) and uncoated on the other side. For a more effective postcard, use a full-colored one.

Why Full Color Postcards?

Full color postcards attract attention. It stands out in a mail with its catchy colors and with its size. Thus, its messages are read more often. Companies using this type of postcard benefit from having its advertisement and brand remembered more often.

According to writer Carla San Gaspar, these things must be considered in making a postcard:

1)Purpose – for business or for personal use

Writer Joel Owens says that postcards can also be used as a coupon that the client can present to your shop to have a discount or as an invitation to an event or discussion forum.

2)Audience or target market

3)Message – must be short, concise, and direct to the point

4)tone – formal or casual, depending on your target market

With regards to your postcard’s size, consider these things:

– Do you wish your postcard to blend in card albums?

– Do you wish your postcard to be effortless to transport?

– Do you wish that your postcard will be noticeable over a pile of mails and give a sense of urgency?

– Do you want your postcard to have an extra space and panels that organize your text?

Writer Kristy Annely states that full color postcards can be created using offset printing which utilizes film and plates or by utilizing digital printing. According to her, full color postcards’ sizes range from 4×6 to 6×11.75, depending on your preference. Choose a printing company that offers you the best services you need for your postcards.

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