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You might be one of the thousands across the nation laid off work thinking of starting your own business or perhaps already have one existing and currently struggling to make a profit. The recession has hit us hard, and we all need to find ways to save on our postcard printing without compromising quality. A postcard mailer can say a lot about your company. Make a good lasting impression and uphold the standard of excellence of your postcards.

Here are some tips on how you can get additional savings on your postcard printing.

Stick with Standard Sizes

A postcard print does not need to always be 4″x6″. Stay ahead of the competition by making innovative postcard designs that stand out. Be careful not to choose an extremely misshapen postcard orientation as it tends to turn people off. Naturally, the standard postcard size of 4″x6″ would be the most economical.

Standard sizes are as follows:







Buy in Bulk

I don’t suppose I need to explain the fact you can get bigger savings for poster printing in bulk orders, but just in case you think otherwise, look at the computation below taken from and use it as a guide. is a quality supplier with impressive credentials that offers affordable and reliable postcard printing, designing, database listing and mailing services.

A 4″x6″ full color single-face postcard using top quality 14pt. cover gloss paper at 100pcs digital press comes to $28.56 or $0.02856 per piece.

A 4″x6″ full color single-face postcard using top quality 14pt. cover gloss paper at 500pcs offset press comes to $52.35or $0.10471 per piece.

Specs: Total Cost Cost per piece Volume Discount

4″x6″ x 1000pcs $57.46 $0.05746 (base)

4″x6″ x 10000pcs $266.58 $0.026658 (46.39%)


Total Cost

Cost per piece

Volume Discount

4″x6″ x 1000pcs




4″x6″ x 10000pcs



46.39 % discount

Notice that the more pieces you produce, the lower the cost per piece becomes. Meaning you already save by ordering in higher quantities. You can also get an additional volume discount for orders. A single 10,000pc order costs $266.58, while a total of 10,000pcs at 1,000pcs per order will total $574.60. Almost twice the cost if you order separately.

Ask for FREE Design Help

Get the most from your postcard printing supplier by asking them to help you design your postcard. MyPostCardPrinting offers design assistance along with template postcard designs that you can choose from and have revised by professional graphic artists. Just indicate the details you wish to have on the template design of your choice, check the prepress layout and then you can already get your postcards in as short as 1-day. No need to hire a designer for your postcard design requirements. Everything you need to make an excellent, affordable and quick postcard is conveniently within reach.

For more information about how you can make the most of your postcard printing requirements and maximize the value of postcard designs, visit the MyPostCardPrinting website at Good luck and don’t forget that you have the right to ask for discounts.

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