Postcard Printing Services and 14pt. Gloss Stock -the Standard Choice

Carla San Gaspar asked:

There are postcard printing services or company that offers different options for your postcard printing. The standard specifications for postcards too vary in the same process.

Size can differ. There are those that offer 5×7 postcards, while others a more sensible and familiar 4.25×6 postcards. Aside from this, the card stock may also differ; there are those that offer a 12pt. card stock while a thicker and bodied 14pt. postcard is also available.

The varying standard options provided by printing companies may be quite confusing at first. After all, what is truly a standard choice?

Defining the Standards in Postcards

When it comes to postcard printing, there are standard selections which you can take. These standards are what they are because they are the popular choice. Having the popular vote does not necessarily mean that the standard options or specifications on postcards are the only ones available.

Standard 12pt. card stock postcards are not the only standard. This does not make it the sole option you have as there are printing companies who can give you a more flexible selection. It can offer you varying postcard sizes without having to customize them. It also offers a different card stock, having one with more weight to it is of no problem either.

Sometimes, all it takes is figure out which printing company can give you a “higher” standard when it comes to your postcard printing projects. In this manner, you can get postcards at the same or even lower prices, with postcard specifications that surpass others.

14pt. Gloss Cover Stock

What does it mean to have your postcards printed on a 14pt. Gloss Cover stock? You can easily avail a 14pt. gloss cover without having them customized. This can also be ideally printed with more than one size. If you can find a printing company with more flexible size options for your postcard printing, then all the merrier.

There are benefits which you can enjoy if you enjoy having more value for your money by obtaining 14pt. gloss cover.

1. With a 14pt. gloss cover, you no longer have to customize your postcards which may cost you more time and money.

2. With custom printing, you may have to deal with a longer turnaround time. This may prove inconvenient since online printing should give you the ease of printing.

3. Flexible sizes, again, prevents you from customizing your postcard project. This is why a variety in sizes in important so you can work with your postcard project with the desired timeframe and budget in mind.

With a 14pt. Gloss Cover stock, you stand to gain these advantages and more. This card stock is appealing as it offers the same smooth and bright white quality ideal for full color printing.

• The smooth quality of the paper holds inks well. Making reproduction of images and other details in fine and sharp quality.

• The whiteness of the paper allows it to absorb more light which your prints uses to bring out the vibrancy of the colors of your postcard designs.

• The 14pt. card stock is of course more durable and hardy. The thickness of the paper is practical for postcards are shipped out and must endure the long journey.

• The 14pt. Gloss cover stock too has an Aqueous coating which gives your prints a soft, glossy finish. This gives it a polished look that makes postcards professional looking.

Know your printing options better and get better standards from your postcard printing services provider. Know your worth and get a true-value postcard with a 14pt. Gloss Cover Stock option.

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