The Lowdown on the Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card

Eric Wasselman asked:

With this card, For Wired Plastic, a maximum of $2500 can be entered deposited into the account although a minimum of $10 is sufficient to keep the account active going. There are no With no credit limits, to worry about and the card lets shoppers won’t need to worry about overspending go around without carrying or even bringing too much cash on with them.

Nevertheless, although just because it is not a credit card, the Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa it does not mean that debit cards shouldis not any less rewarding be less rewarding. Wired Plastic’s prepaid cards come equipped with features like online account management, an automated monthly payment systems, a a point-collecting reward program as well as a unique overdraft safety program.

While the Some cards have reward programs of certain credit cards involves where hard-earned points are used to redeem pricey productsa but usually the redemption process can be quite a h for exclusive itemsassle, . Tthe Wired Plastic reward program, on the other hand, lets allows its their users to redeem practical items gifts such as that they may find better use for such as calling cards, downloads of music downloads and mobile phone ring tones as well as extra phone airtime. This is due to the fact that the target market of Wired Plastic users comprise mostly of teens and young adults which are heavy users of such services.

Also, every dollar used earns earned gives you Wired Plastic users a point, all of which come with no expiry dates or a maximum capand neither do the points not expire nor is there a limit to the number of points users can collect. Plus, generally, more users redeem downloads compared to airline tickets. As for fees, the good news is that there are no APRs and or annual fees for Wired Plastic cards. On the down side, The bad news is that there are fees are applicable for the application process, in addition to and monthly maintenance charges. Nevertheless, with Wired Plastic, there will beare no charges for direct deposits into the account or transfers through Paypal or inter-bank accounts.

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