What to Choose: a Brand New or a Reconditioned Card Printing Equipment?

Janine Cruzet asked:

When purchasing card printing equipment, a buyer often asks, is it really more economical to choose reconditioned card printing equipment rather than the brand new one? Now, we will compare the similarities and differences of the reconditioned and the brand new plastic card printing equipment.

Reconditioned plastic card printing equipment may look very economical at first and because of this; there are people who are convinced to purchase the reconditioned one, rather than purchasing the brand new card printing equipment. Oftentimes, this reconditioned card printing equipment is not as effective as that of the brand new card printing equipment. It is frequently due to the replaced parts of the plastic card printing machine. Sometimes, the parts that replaced the busted ones are not also that competent, and some of them may even be from the other busted card printing equipments also, although, this do not apply to all of the reconditioned units.

Even though other buyers of this plastic card printing equipment knows these issues, they still prefer to choose over the reconditioned unit than the brand new unit because, it is more budget-friendly than the brand new card printing equipment. Aside from that, by using the reconditioned card printing equipments, they would easily know what parts are to be replaced, just in case that some of its part would be broken.

But for the first time users of this card printing equipment, it is still best that you get or purchase the brand new plastic card printing equipment. Although it would really cost you a lot rather than the reconditioned one, you can be rest assured that by using the brand new units, you can avail the product warranty of the company and it could also save you more time and energy because all of its parts are all brand new and working properly.

Another advantage of choosing a brand new plastic card printer over the reconditioned one is that it still has the owner’s instruction manual which most reconditioned unit lacks. It is most beneficial for the first time users of these printers.

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