The Art Of Advertising In Magazines

Victor Epand asked:

Reading elevates you to a high level of learning and evokes a feeling of bliss. It is a good and helpful way to gather information from different subject matters. Since books were bulky and lengthy to read, magazines replaced books which makes for lighter and fun reading. They are comprehensive, colorful, and with illustrations featuring a variety of topics. All types of magazines are published for both women and men alike. In fact, there are so many magazines, I’m not sure if I have seen all of them. There is a huge market for magazines, and a lot of buyers. There are people who subscribe to maybe 2 to 3 magazines a month. There are many potential customers to buy and read different types of magazines leisurely. Generally, demand for magazines is great, because people find them easy to read and understand.

If you are thinking of advertising in a magazine, there are some things that you should know. Firstly, what kind of business do you have. Never ever go and display your advertisement in the wrong type of magazine, for example, if you are selling imported shampoos, don’t advertise your product in a health or cookery magazine. Be smart. Make sure you approach a good fashion or women’s magazine or even a men’s magazine, if there are shampoos for them too. Choosing the right type of magazine is very crucial. It could make or break your basic idea of business if advertised randomly and in a wrong magazine. There are plenty of magazines that you could opt for correctly.

Secondly, work on the graphics, design, layout and color scheme, so you end up with a great and attractive advertisement. If you have the funds, get a team of designers to do it for you. Get good writers to pen a few catchy lines, that will draw people’s attention. Talent is of utmost importance considering creation of ads. If you have the talent and the art of writing, you yourself could create an ad and thus save a lot of money. The outcome of the ad should please you. It would be right, if you ask for opinions before finalizing the ad. Ask people who have ideas on preparing an ad, if anything more is to be added or deleted. It should not be like the blind leading the blind. Direction and opinion is important.

Finally, magazines are a great ground to get you noticed as they are made available in waiting rooms, clinics, hospitals, at newspaper stands and elsewhere. They are cheap and accessible to general public and hence are a great mode of advertisement for you. But, make intelligent choices and do not get fooled. Have the courage to forge ahead and make your ad great, with a real help of a magazine. Imagine how many people, how many times a day, they would open up a magazine and read and above all see the display of your ad. How many potential customers you would attract, only if you learnt the art of advertising. Think of it!

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