To Tri-Fold Or Not To Tri-Fold?

Janice Jenkins asked:

This is actually a common question these days in brochure printing. The dilemma is the choice between the use of the tri-fold type or the other type of folds when you print brochures. The choice really is a simple one, but there are many factors involved, and many consequences when you choose one over the other in brochure printing. To clarify these things, we have listed down the arguments for and against tri fold brochures. Just follow the arguments below and see where your opinions lie.

Pros of Tri-fold brochure printing

First we go to the positive aspects of tri-fold brochure printing. The major pro for printing this fold type is ease and practicality. I am sure that you know that most people use the tri-fold in their brochures most often. It is basically the standard type of fold that people make. All brochure printers can make it, and there is plenty of brochure templates that are available specifically designed for the tri fold.

This all basically means that you will have plenty of help in making tri-fold brochures. Designing should be easy with the availability of material and people who are skilled at making them. All printers will accept this kind of order without hesitation and you do not have to worry about finding a special brochure printing service. The whole process should be fast, manageable and more or less free of trouble. So for safe and easy brochure printing, the tri fold is usually the first choice.

Cons of Tri-fold brochure printing

The strength of tri fold brochures though is also its weakness. The very fact that it is easy to produce and many people use it means it is quite a common sight. Almost everyone expects a tri fold when you speak of color brochures. They will sometimes appear boring and well worn out in terms of design. So it takes a pretty wild and distinct design to make a tri-fold brochure stand out. If you want to be identified by a unique brochure, you should have second thoughts on using the tri fold.

Advantages of other brochure folds

Now, we move on to other brochure folds. You may ask, what is the advantage of the other brochure folds? Well the simple answer to that is just variety. Using different folds makes your own brochure look uncommon. The more uncommon and original your brochure printing is the more attention and popularity it can gain. This can help your business a lot especially if you want to beat some rivals in promoting your products through your color brochures.

Disadvantages of other brochure folds

The only bad side though with other brochure folds is unfamiliarity. If you choose a particularly hard type of fold in brochure printing such as the Z-fold or accordion fold, people can get lost easily on which page or what to look for next. It can turn off a few potential readers this way so there is a risk to being distinct when using other kinds of brochure folds.

Hope that clarifies a lot about the benefits and hurdles in choosing your brochure folds. Be sure to weigh the arguments carefully and choose the best for the purpose of your brochure.

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