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As newspapers slowly give way to their electronic counterparts, many magazines are also doing the same. As a matter of fact, there has been an explosion of what are called “e-zines” within the last few years. Magazine editors understand that the wide majority of people get the bulk of their news and information from the internet anyway so why not just take their product where their audience is? Because of this mindset, it has become increasingly easy to find free magazines online.

There are literally hundreds of magazines that have already taken their entire product online. These include every sort of magazine you could imagine: home and garden, cooking, sports, literary and entertainment magazines are all finding a home online. The great news is that the majority of these magazines are absolutely free and available to anyone. And even the big name magazines that do require that you pay are asking for a very low price.

Still, if you’re a fan of the more traditional print magazine, there is also hope for you as well. Because of the popularity of the e-zine, a lot of print magazines are offering free trials and subscriptions in an attempt to gain more readers. A great example of this can be seen in Best Buy; following most purchases, the customer us given the choice of trying out a limited time subscription offer to several magazines including Entertainment Weekly, Sport Illustrated and a few others. These offers are absolutely free and require no sort of sing-up whatsoever.

Other ways to score free magazines or even entire year-long subscriptions involve going to the magazine’s website and looking for any special offers. Again, with the threat of e-zines looming, you may be surprised at some of the magazines that are giving away free issues. And even if the magazine of your choice doesn’t seem to be offering any free samples or trials, it never hurts to contact them and ask them for a sneak peek at what they’re all about. With the print media watching the rise of electronic publishing as of late, many print publications will go out of their way to make their current and potential customers happy. And, as is the case with most other free samples or trial offers, it is all in the hopes of attaining you as a new reader. When you think about it, it’s actually a pretty nice deal!

It seems that a lot of print magazines live by this principle nowadays. As a matter of fact, a few online resources show proof of this; on a daily basis, new magazines are offering free issues and subscriptions. Some of the best places online to find out which magazines are offering free material are Today’s Magazine Deal at and the free magazine forum over at

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