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Details Magazine is written for real men and features advice on fashion, love, women and careers. This is a magazine for intelligent men who can process more than pretty faces and fast cars, and offers in-depth exclusives with favorite artists, actors, and musicians, as well as honest looks into men’s fashion. Details is smart, **** and fun. Details explores the world for young men and is first with news on fashion, women, movies, music, and celebrities. A daring, distinctive magazine for men who are passionate about adventure, style, music, fashion, sports, politics, humor and pop culture. Each issue will satisfy all your passions. It is as smart and sophisticated as you are. On the whole, Details magazine seems to have carved out an unusual identity for itself in the world of men’s magazines.Details also has the tradition of getting recently-minted personalities to pen articles. Previous inductees include Lauren Weinberger (The Devil Wears Prada) and Mark Simpson (who coined the “metrosexual” term). Details also has the dubious honor of having a minor monopoly on stories on almost-over-the-hill personalities. In the past, Matthew McConaughey was a regular coverboy with his try-hard antics on being his generation’s next action star. Then there was this past feature on Michael Douglas as an ageing Lothario. here are quite a few magazines geared toward a primarily male audience and while there may not be as many for men as for women, men’s magazines are often more daring in what they print; appealing to the man who likes to live life a little more on the edge. One magazine like this is Details, a magazine for the trendy male. Details and its its fashion pages are mindfully straightforward and clothes are captioned, posed and shot in the same model-please-stand-sit-there style, similar to the way Men’s Health does it. Yes, it is predictable and yes, it is routine. But the flip side is, it is uncomplicated and the target-market–magazine-reading Wall Street, straight men get it.Details is an interesting magazine that caters to men of various ages and lifestyles. The main group that Details aims to capture is the 17 to 35 year- old male but there are articles in each magazine that could be appealing to men of many different ages, mostly in the middle to upper income groups.The writing in this magazine is on the edge and very blunt. It is common to find several four- letter words in many of the articles and while this doesn’t bother me at all, I know that some readers will consider it too raw, too edgy, and too explicit. Details writers have no problem telling it like it is, and this can be both good and bad depending on one’s perspective.Tired of reading magazines packed full of just ads and senseless gibberish? Then Details magazine is for you.First of all, it is one of the least expensive magazines I have subscribed to in recent years. I like to subscribe to such magazines as Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, GQ, and a few others, but Details is the one that gets my attention.Of all the magazines I have subscribed to in the past, the top two would be Details and Rolling Stone. However, the difference between these two is that when I read Rolling Stone, I go for the pictures, and flip to musical articles that get my attention. I enjoy reading Rolling Stone, but when Details arrives at my house, I know immediately that almost an hour of my life is going to be consumed immediately by reading through the entire magazine.Almost everyone knows what I am talking about when I say that you just don’t normally read the ENTIRE magazine. Sure, there are a few people out there that are media freaks and WILL read every word, but its not the norm. We read the interesting articles and save the rest for really boring days, just in case.With Details, even the small print articles, the polls, subscriber letters, etc., are exciting and interesting.The thing that I like about Details is the information that I always close the magazine with. Some would say this is useless information, and while I agree it won’t get me a pay raise or a merit of honor, I think it’s interesting to be able to tell something to my friends at work or my family that I know without a doubt they have never heard of. Things that make them say “MMMMM”.If you like Rolling Stone, you will love Details. If you like entertainment of all types, you will love Details. Give one magazine a chance to change the entire way you look at magazines.

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