Understanding Active Vs. Passive Marketing

Robert Johnston asked:

How much do you understand the difference between active and passive marketing? If you want to make good use of both of them you need to be aware of what both of these encompass and how they affect your marketing.

Let’s look at active marketing first. This is the most standard kind of marketing you see, and you can’t possibly miss it. Each time you get a postcard in the mail that’s active marketing. When you see a commercial on TV that’s active marketing. Radio ads, brochures, and flyers are all additional forms of active marketing.

All of these have a very noticeable similarity in them. They’re primary goal is to sell you on something. That might be informing you about an upcoming sale or encouraging you to buy a certain product. No matter what the specific goal is the overall goal remains the same and remains obvious: get you to give a company additional business.

Now let’s look at passive marketing. This type of marketing doesn’t directly tell you to do anything at all. Think of letterhead printing as one good example. With this every letter you send out has your company name and logo on the top of it. You can’t miss it when you open the letter, but other than it being there, it says nothing else.

You aren’t told to buy anything; you just see the name of the company. So how can letterhead printing help promote your business?

It’s getting your name stuck in a person’s mind. A large part of marketing is getting your company known in the market place. If no one knows your name they’ll never think about you when it comes time to get a service similar to yours. You need your name to be well known for that to be accomplished.

So how do you apply this information to your marketing pushes?

A well-rounded marketing campaign needs to be a combination of both active and passive marketing. Remember, the active marketing is what you’re going to be investing the bulk of your time into, which is why most companies focus on it the most. This is also what makes passive marketing so nice to use as well.

All you have to do is get a single batch of something like letterhead printing done a year, and then you have letters for the entire year without any more of your attention needed. You’re promoting your company without going to the same kind of effort you would for active marketing.

Passive marketing often gets overlooked in favor of a strong active marketing push. Don’t let this happen to your marketing and lose the powerful tools that passive marketing brings to the table. It doesn’t require much of your time to get passive marketing done, and the benefits may be subtle, but they’re more than worth the effort it takes to gain them.

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