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When you invest in letterhead printing for your business, you have to know what you are getting into. You can’t just print letterheads. There are several things that you need to know about in terms of the characteristics of letterhead printing. If you know all about these letterhead printing options, you will be assured that you won’t be duped by that letterhead printing service to pay more than you really want for your letterhead. Here is a quick guide on the different letterhead printing options to help you avoid that:

Letterhead size:

The first option that you must know about is the letterhead size. Most printers will always tell you to print in custom sizes if possible so that you can maximize the uniqueness of your letterhead. I however recommend that you pick a letterhead paper size that is just enough for your purposes. There is no need to print custom letterheads if a standard 8.5x 11 letterhead paper can accomplish your purpose. If your firm uses legal paper with letterheads then an 8.5×14 paper size should be enough. Using these standard sizes should minimize your cost since these are the most common sizes that people and printers use. Any less or any more and it may become a custom job with extra cost. Try to avoid that as much as possible.

Printing options:

The next option that you must know about is on the topic of printing options. A lot of people save money in printing letterheads by only printing on the front of the paper. More specifically, the letterhead design itself is located only on the top and front part of the paper. The back in this case is totally left blank.

For a better effect though, others print both on the back and on the front of the letterhead paper. These are the ones who have a front and back design for their color letterheads. This makes the letterhead look better front or back, and the back itself becomes another useful surface to write on if need be. These options really depend on your design and budget, so see what is best for you.


Another option that you may know about are the holes for letterhead papers. Holes can help your letterheads especially if you store your letterheads on binders and other containers that require holes. The holes in your letterheads will help you file your paper work easier and more efficiently. If you want to drill holes in your letterhead, there are a lot of letterhead printing services out there that may provide this service. For a small additional cost, you can have holes in your letterhead in no time.


Some letterheads can also have perforations of a certain kind when needed. If your notepads require something that must be torn off, like a stub or coupon, you can have this done to your letterheads as well when you send them for printing. Just be sure to mark it on your design so that you won’t have any problems.

Second sheets:

“Second sheets” is another option that you need to think about. These sheets are the “second pages” of your documents with a letterhead on its first page. Second sheets basically follow the design elements of the first letterhead sheet, but it has a few minor differences to mark it as a succeeding page and not a cover page. Printers usually offer the printing of second sheets that match or compliment your main letterhead papers.

Those are the five options that you need to know for letterhead printing. Now that you know these details, it should be easier for you to print what kind of letterhead that you need.

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