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Kate asked:

tion is key to having an effective marketing campaign to promote your business. Without the right words in your marketing collaterals, you can kiss your business growth goodbye as nothing can make or break your business as your words can.

Whatever it is, be it poster printing or letterheads, the bottom line is for you to have the words to effectively communicate who and what you can do to your target clients. If you can’t let them know who you are with your communication strategy, then you don’t have any business marketing your offer.

Here are some of the best ways to offer good communication so you can easily persuade your target audience to take up your offer:

Know your audience. Get to know your target market first before you even write the first word to your marketing copy. Even if it’s as simple as one line in your letterhead printing or a 400 word-feature article in your newsletter, you have to get to know and understand those that you’re marketing to. To whom are you writing your copy for? What are their needs and wants? What’s their language? Do you need to push special buttons from your target audience that will help you influence their buying activities? Can you push them a bit to include your offer in their buying decisions? The information you have about your target clients and prospects can give you the power to create marketing campaigns such as your letterheads that can effectively communicate your message.

Know your vocabulary. If you haven’t done it yet, make sure you improve on your vocabulary, especially in the language that would be better understood by your target audience. Learn a new tongue if you want to catch a particular cultural group to your business. The key is to get to know the right words that can help you convince your target audience of your worth in your collaterals such as your letterheads. Make sure to steer clear from those words that can hinder you from capturing the attention of your audience. And read as much as you can so you can determine the words that can help you clinch it with your clients and prospects.

Know your benefits. When you want to capture your target clients’ attention, the way to do it is to effectively communicate your benefits. What’s in it for them? Make sure that you answer this particular concern in your marketing collaterals, even in your letterhead printing. When you’re able to provide them the benefits, the easier it will be to captivate your audience with your marketing communication.

The point to this is to know what you would say in your marketing collaterals such as your letterhead printing so you can effectively convey your message to your target market. The more you’re able to use the right words, the more you’ll be able to convince them of your value and worth.

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