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Letterhead printing is a standard practice for organizations and firms. This is because letterheads contribute a lot to a firm’s image and of course the formality and credibility of its paper work. Have you received a memo or an announcement from you company with a letterhead? Doesn\’t it feel so important, urgent or maybe even officious? Letterheads have power in their own right because of this. Still unconvinced? Then let\’s discuss each point.

One of the major points for investing in letterhead printing is that it lends to credibility. If you guard your letterheads well, and use them for important documents then people will always believe what those letters say. Moreover they will believe that the letter, memorandum or announcement came from you, your department or your firm. Usually with no questions asked. For example, a CEO or head of an organization can make a policy decision and enforce it just by distributing its announcement with the power of a letterhead. People will read it and of course “bow down” to the decision so to speak. It is almost like a bill becoming a law. Once it is written with the letterhead, it is believable and it will be done so to speak.

Linked to credibility is security. Again, if you guard your printed marketing materials and use them for official functions then people should always note that they will only believe the official information coming from those notes. This is important in firms and organizations where a degree of security in the paperwork is needed. For example, high level research firms, government agencies and corporate management staff could use guarded letterheads to pass on vital information to colleagues. With the official letterhead stamped on to the header people will think the information is secure and believable. So, if you want to feel secure about your paperwork, then letterhead printing is for you.

These are the major advantages in letterhead printing. Most organizations and firms print letterheads primarily because of these reasons. However, in the end it is about pride and the firm\’s image actually. Having a letterhead in your paperwork tells people that you are credible, believable and of course professional. Our major areas of letterhead printing includes Pets and Pet Care, Building and Construction, Accounting and Finance, Music and Entertainment, Building and Construction, Computers and Technology, Accounting and Finance and more with logo enriched design and print. ‘s  customers can use our online tools to design their own letterheads from scratch. There are thousands of professionally designed custom printed letter pad templates to choose from. Choose images from our image bank or upload your own logos or photos for them. If you have your own template design for logo printed letters you have the option of uploading it to the print4half design team for quick spec approval. 

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