What’s In Your Letterhead and Envelope?

Robert Johnston asked:

Not only is it impractical to have letterhead printing and envelopes that don’t get the job done, but it’s downright foolish to do so. What’s the use of these letterheads and envelopes to your business if they can’t help you build your image to your target clients? You’ll just end up wasting your precious resources on something that would make you fail miserably. Instead of getting your brand image off the ground, anything at all you have started would be ruined and you might have a hard time to undo the damage.

The main goal of your envelope and letterhead printing is to build your image. These two marketing tools make up the collaterals that can help you convey your ideas to your target clients. Even before they can get to your message, your letterheads and envelopes would be the ones they will see first, which can persuade them to read more of your message.

So how do you create both a letterhead and envelope that provide a positive impact on your target clients? Here are some suggestions:

1- Don’t clutter your collaterals with different designs and themes.

Since your letterhead and envelope should match to form a consistent appearance, don’t make the mistake of overpowering your target clients with too many different designs and themes. Make sure that you only have one idea in both your collaterals. In fact, it should be your number one rule to have one theme in all your marketing tools. This is to provide consistency in your marketing campaigns. As well as provide a professional look for your business.

One theme in all your marketing tools can also make it easier to drive your point to your target audience.

2- Don’t forget to include your logo.

Your logo is your mark to set your marketing collaterals apart from the rest. Your logo specifically represents who you are and what you do – your overall personality and brand. It is important therefore to have your log in your letterheads and envelopes so your target clients can easily recognize and remember you. Without even opening your envelopes, your target audience would already recognize your brand.

3- Don’t clutter!

This is very important. Don’t clutter your collaterals that you make it very difficult for your target audience to get to your message. Especially with your letterheads, you don’t need to occupy every space available as you need to make them functional as well. Applying more elements can make your collaterals seem overcrowded. Just keep it simple. The main goal anyway is to make your message understood so that your target clients can decide on your offer right away.

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