Creating Business Letters with 4th of July Letterheads

Kat Nocom asked:

Business letters are one of the essentials for small businesses to communicate to employees, business partners and clients. With a simple stroke of pen in a high quality printed letterhead, a professional message can be delivered to the target recipient. However, business letters are not just about formal and computerized letters printed on plain white stationery. It is recommended for small companies to print letterheads that have specific theme. It is important for small business firms to consider the current occasion or celebration in creating and designing business stationeries. This is because timely and creative printed letterheads can be able to communicate essential messages to the target audience. Here are a few tips in creating 4th of July letterheads.

• Align the design of the stationeries to the company’s image. After deciding on the business’ brand image, suitable 4th of July photos and colors can be incorporated to communicate the sense of American nationalism.

• Include your company slogan or a catchy headline related to 4th of July theme.

• Seek for a reliable online printer that is capable of creating high quality letterheads. Choose paper stocks to be used, and set specifications on the size and quantity of the stationeries.

• Also consider envelope printing. Print envelopes that match the letterheads. It is advisable if the design and the colors seen on the letterheads can also be seen on the envelopes for uniformity.

• Incorporate the company logo on the stationeries and envelopes to express professionalism.

• It is important to note that although it is advisable to design letterheads, entrepreneurs must remember not to clutter the printed materials. There has to be enough space to write on for a business correspondence.

Following these tips will help entrepreneurs from small businesses to create attractive and effective 4th of July letterheads. Furthermore, these companies will be able to effectively communicate to their employees, clients and business partners.

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