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If, like so many others, you regularly deposit leaflets in UK bins without even a passing glance we suggest next time a you come across a Gavin Ward Leaflet promoting Warm Front grants you stop and take note because it can quite literally change your life!

Warm Front heating and insulation grants are a Government-funded initiative, managed by eaga – the UK’s leading provider of energy solutions, and are designed to help eradicate fuel poverty in the UK.

Year on year Wigan pensioner, Joyce Halton, 66, and her husband had been battling the extreme cold of winter wondering if one day their situation would improve. Then last July, a Gavin Ward leaflet landed on their doorstep and immediately caught Joyce’s eye.

“I decided to read the leaflet because quite simply it offered us a warmer home. From what I understood I was eligible for a heating grant but I needed more convincing and decided to call the number,” said Joyce.

That decision set the wheels in motion which ultimately pulled the Haltons out of fuel poverty. Eaga initially assessed the house for cavity wall and loft insulation but when Joyce’s boiler broke soon afterwards she discovered she was also entitled to help with that too and received a grant of £2,700 to help reduce heating bills.

Gavin Ward engineers carried out the installation works which took around seven hours to complete. And the result?”The house is much warmer,” commented Joyce, and with Britain experiencing its coldest weather in years it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“The Gavin Ward fitters were friendly, professional and polite. The quality of the work was impressive and they didn’t even leave any mess,” said Joyce.”We would recommend Gavin Ward very highly indeed.”

Thanks to the Warm Front Scheme and Gavin Ward Ltd, the Haltons are experiencing their warmest winter since moving to their house 43 years ago and by reducing heating bills, has added extra pounds to their pockets. So it seems at times it is worth sifting through those leaflets. You never know what you could miss.

Paul Dove, General Manager of Gavin Ward said:”As Joyce experienced, receiving a warm front grant is as simple as reading a leaflet and picking up the phone. By not following these simple steps a lot of eligible applicants are missing out on what is rightfully theirs.”

To find out more about Gavin Ward Limited, energy efficiency measures, heating, insulation and/or to seek grant funding, please telephone 0800 068 8789 or visit www.gavinward.co.uk

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