Nokia 6600 Fold : Beautiful Mobile Phone With Attractive Attributes

Rahul Bhadaurya asked:

The mobile phones manufacturing company Nokia has declare it’s another mobile handset which is Nokia 6600 fold. This mobile has extremely analogous characteristics as well as specifications as the Nokia 6500 Slide handset. This phone appears as round versions having a slide towards its end.

This phone has an effective 3.2 mega pixel camera with an advanced featured zooming lens. Further more this handset has a video conferencing feature, through which one can perform his communication effectively. It has internet connectivity in addition to which the users can send email as and when he wants to. This handset has an effective music which supports all the various types of music files. An addition micro SD memory card can also be used to increase the level of memory status of the handset.

The Nokia 6600 fold handset has a touch display which helps in competent and easy assessing to the features. The handset has an inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity through which one can easily transfer files from one phone to another. Moreover it has a GPS connection which helps in the featuring on maps, through which the user can assess different locations in the world. The Nokia 6600 phone is best suited in black color. The Nokia 6600 Fold mobile handset has a two inch screen with an LCD display.

The screen has 16 million colors which guarantee that the display is comprehensible as well as bright. The phone is accessible in black, purple and white colors. The most likeable characteristic to the handset is its outward display which provides the information concerning about the calls as well as messaging impending for the users. Its camera is extremely inspiring which has an eight times digital zoomed as well as double flash system. The handset has an internal 15 MB. The memory of this handset can also be increased up to a maximum capacity of 4 GB through the use of Micro SD card. It has an efficient battery back up with a 300 hours standby and 8 hours talk up time.

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