The Nokia 6600 Fold: Exactly the Same That Meets the Eye

Dharmendra Chaudhary asked:

You must have a look at the latest Nokia 6600 fold mobile handset to see what exactly beauty mixed with technology is. They say when mind and heart works together, you get a masterpiece, and no doubt, this sensuous 3G mobile phone exceeds all your expectations when it comes to either poise or performance.

Model specifications

The phone measures 87.7 * 44 * 15.9 mm, 52 cc and weights about 110 g. This OLED type set has a 16 million color display. The screen is 2.13 inches and has a 240 * 320 pixels display. The outer casing is available

in two colors, namely mysterious black and sophisticated purple, with both the colored versions highly glossed.

This spectacular handset, as suggested by the name contains a fold which keeps the screen and keypad against each other like a shell when closed. Unlike many other sets the handset is easy to hold and seems to simply fit in your hand. The key for opening the mobile is placed such that the phone can be handled with one hand only. One more feature is the secondary 1.36 inch OLED display which can be tapped twice to get details of any missed calls, messages or remainders. Plus there are additional tapping combinations to enable calling and setting/removing reminders.

The Nokia 6600 fold has a 2 megapixel camera which has an 8* zoom and has a double LED flash. It has a satisfactory video recording capability as it can record QVGA video at 30 frames per one second and VGA video at 15 frames per second.

The fold also sports a second VGA camera, which enables 3G video calling, in which you are able to see the other person and he/she can see you while talking.

This handset features a stereo music player that is capable of playing many formats, including WMA, MPC and Acanthi stereo headset supplied with the package has keys on it that allow you to control music and FM without the botheration of getting your phone in your hand for this.

This phone has two main built-in applications: Opera mini and the Nokia mini map browser. Opera mini is the most popular web browser in the world presently and can even ‘ tell ‘ you what you should be reading on a page first.

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