Brochure Printing: Old Principles, New Techniques for Marketing Strategies

Abejuela Jennifer asked:

Effective advertising follows a formula. At the heart and core of every successful campaign is a concept that is consistent to the marketing strategy. This is reflected in all advertising materials, from brochure printing to vinyl signs, even to postcards.

Brochures should be treated as much. It is an advertising material intended as a resource for potential customers. The content should follow the standards of good marketing or advertising concepts too.

Brochures needs good copywriting that will attract attention, develop interest, build desire, and call your clients to action. And the standards of design: harmony, legibility, and composition should all be observed as well. Working with these set of standards actually makes the job even more challenging.

Brochure Printing and Marketing Strategies

Remember the old advertising adage: Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message?” Brochures should be exciting and should be brought to its prime for truly successful marketing strategies.

1. Use high quality prints. Either they be in full color, monochrome (single color), duo-chrome (two colors), or black and white. High quality prints should give you good contrast and sharp images.

2. The quality of your prints will always reflect on the personality or image of your business. Attention to detail is often a characteristic that customers look for in all kinds of business.

3. Observe variety. Brochures may be printed in different sizes and even done with different folds. The tri-fold legal size paper may have been effective over the years, but the growing competition nowadays pushes the envelope further.

a. Size comes in almost all varieties. A printing company can offer to print the brochure in 5.5 x 11, 8.5×11, 8.5×14, 11×17, 11×25.375. Aside from 8.5×11, these standard sizes can be used to help you stand out. Have them folded in different ways to get more variety.

4. Small is beautiful. Printing in smaller sizes is also becoming a fad. Print a smaller size with several pages that can be folded in accordion style or Z-fold. Make your brochures more handy then every by scaling them down, perfect to be carried like wallets or inserted between planners. Custom sizes are usually more expensive than standard prints, but consider it at the price of flexibility.

5. The material use for your brochures can speak volumes. Brochures can be printed on thick cover paper or regular ones. Cover paper (the same thickness as the cover of regular magazines) can be used effectively for large tri-fold brochures that can be handed out in strategic places such as conferences, network groups, or in the store per se.

6. Direct mail marketing. Brochures can be lightweight materials too, ideal to be sent out in your direct-mail-marketing campaign.

Following the laid-out formula or rules for your marketing campaign is a good way to carry out your strategies. Use the new technologies and trends to push you and your media to innovate. Creative advertising lies in finding the balance between conformity and experimentation. See how you can effectively observe these for your brochure printing the next time around.

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