Why Folding Machines May Just be a Very Worthwhile Investment

Vincent Woodall asked:

Does your business regularly send out bulk or complex mailings to existing clients and potential customers? If you frequently distribute bulk and complex mailings, a folder inserter machine could prove to be a very worthwhile investment.

At present, the valuable time of your staff may be taken up with folding and stuffing envelopes. A folder inserter machine can carry out a range of complex folding and inserting tasks, thereby giving your staff more time to increase productivity in other areas and helping your business to grow.

You may also find a folder inserter to be a profitable investment when you consider what an increase in mailings to existing and potential clients can add to your business. Using a folder inserter will give your mailings a professional look and enable you to communicate regularly with your customers, without taking up valuable staff time.

It will not take long before the cost of a folder inserter machine has been returned to your business when you consider the financial benefits to be enjoyed – providing more time for your employees to concentrate on other tasks; creating a more professional image for your mail-outs; and increasing the number of your mail-outs to customers.

PHL folder inserter machines are features in many mailing rooms and are a hugely popular choice. The PHL 2042, 2043 and 2044 machines are all designed to sit on a desktop and can therefore be situated unobtrusively in an office, where the machine can be accessible to all members of your team, if required. Their design is compact and all three machines are designed to fold your mailings, insert them into envelopes and seal the envelopes.

The PHL 2042, 2043 and 2044 can all deal with stapled documents and offer users a variety of folding styles. The machines can handle a range of envelope sizes and paper weights and can also be easily programmed to link to a postage meter for franking purposes. A variety of add-on options are available to users, including Optional Mark Recognition (OMR) and all PHL machines are designed to be user-friendly.

The Plockmatic 45 is a total mailing solution that can fill C5 or C4 envelopes with A5 or A4 documents of up to 10 sheets per envelope, or eight millimetres in thickness. It can fill your envelopes in a wallet or pocket style, is easy to operate and offers automatic envelope sealing. The machine can operate at a speed of up to 3600 inserts per hour and is designed on a modular basis, enabling you to customise and extend the machine as your business needs change and develop.

The Plockmatic 46 is a high capacity feeder and can handle documents up to eight millimetres in thickness. It can handle a variety of documents, including single sheets, stapled sheets, booklets, cards and glossy paper. It can detect misfeeds and run a continuous multi-feed and is a great addition when you need to extend the capabilities of your folder inserter machine.

The Plockmatic 49 and the Plockmatic 51 are two easy-to-use additions to your Plockmatic folder inserter machine. The Plockmatic 49 is a sheet-feeder that enables you to collate a pre-selected sequence of sheets for input into your folder inserter. The Plockmatic 51 is a compact and user-friendly folding unit, which will help to increase the capacity of your folder inserter. It also features low noise-level design and requires minimal adjustment when configuring sheet requirements.

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