Folded Business Cards: Small But Terrible

Lynne Saarte asked:

Folded business cards might be the smallest (3.5″ X 4″) among all your marketing collaterals but it definitely has the biggest punch. It comes in the size of a conventional business card but when it opens, you actually have more space to work with. Folded business cards effectively double the space to deliver your message and your contact details. A cliché but it is like hitting two birds (actually more) with one stone. They are the most portable and the most compact yet they can deliver a much bigger impact. The inside of the card offers endless possibilities. It can list all your services for instance. It can feature a calendar for easy reference when you need to set the next appointment. It can have your photo or of your services or products. It can even list testimonials. There are just so many things you can do. I once saw a folded business card with a teaser inside: “Just by dialing this number you could already burn 20 calories. Get in shape now!” The best thing about folded business cards is their size. Just like the conventional ones, they are highly portable and easily kept in a shirt pocket, bag or wallet. They are very handy compared to other marketing collaterals like posters, brochures and even flyers. I’ve seen a lot of business card printing but none rivals the flexibility and the creativity that a folded business card can offer. Any business can express its creative genius by splashing the cards with vibrant colors or eye-catching graphics. The possibilities, as mentioned earlier, are endless. The more creative, the more unique and the more eye-catching your business card printing, the more customers it can attract. An internet shop might use their business card printing as a coupon to offer free hours. An over-the-counter anti-obesity drug maker can include a trial pack of a few capsules in the inside of the card. A wine shop can include a wine list and their prices. A handy man can enumerate all the services that he can offer. A restaurant might print a map in the inside pages to guide customers. An interior designer might print a color wheel to show contrasts. A feng shui expert can include a mini compass. The bottom line is to make your card not only eye catching but useful as well. By making your card useful to clients, the more possibility that it will be kept and the more chances that clients would keep on going back to buy or avail of your services. For comments and inquiries about the article visit: Folded Business Cards, Business Card Printing

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