Brochure Printing – get it right the first time

Manu Vikram Singh asked:

Many entrepreneurs today use various software tools to develop their own brochure design. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. are useful tools to get your job done. However, there are aspects related to brochure printing that one must keep in mind to avoid dissatisfaction with the finished product.

Things to keep in mind:

Get the size right

One of the most common errors noticed by printing outlets is that the brochure design is sent on an incorrect setup size, for e.g. the design is sent on an 8.5 x 10 paper when the design is for 8.5 x 11 layout. This leads to loss of time, as the printing company has to return the design and then wait for the corrected copy to be sent to them.

Templates are for everyone

Creating the right design requires two things, one a creative mind and two, good knowledge of the software you are using. Most of the problems that arise can be attributed to the above two reasons, stalling your brochure creating process. Use templates! There are many websites offering a variety of attractive and apt brochure templates at inexpensive prices.

Leave some extra space

All printing press’ have accurate devices that are used to cut your brochures after printing. However, these can stray a little from their target during the process of cutting. By leaving a little extra space in your brochure’s design, you take care of such an error ensuring that it’s covered up by the solid ink on the edge.


Depending on the size of your brochure, standard, medium or jumbo, you can decide to give it a different look. You can try three basic folds for brochure printing:

–          Half Fold brochure printing, this looks like a normal greeting card and gives you four pages.

–          Tri Fold brochure printing, this gives your brochure a unique look as the left and right flap need to be opened to view the message inside.

Z Fold brochure printing, this can be used with Jumbo size brochures and gives them a distinctive look as they open like an accordion.

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