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Paper jams halt productivity and send tempers flaring. Although paper folders save time and money, they can be prone to jams. Because they have a lot of parts, there is a lot that can go awry. If you are struggling with an uncooperative paper folding machine, this article is for you. Read on for some help in unjamming your machine and getting back to work.

Fold Plates

Improperly installed fold plates will almost certainly cause paper jams. The plates must be firmly in place and squared up to avoid jams. The easiest way to ensure plates are properly installed is to simply take them out and replace them correctly. Correctly inserted plates click as they go into position. A word of caution: If your machine does not allow easy access to the plates, do not take it apart to try to fix it yourself. Check the other items in this article before concerning yourself with the plates and calling a professional.

Paper Scraps

Another common cause of new paper jams is old paper jams. Always be careful to remove all stray scraps of paper when you have a jam. If you cannot get the machine to stop jamming, thoroughly inspect it for small pieces of paper. Double-check all around the fold plates, as they are especially prone to housing scraps. Slowly feed a piece of paper through the machine while watching carefully to see where it catches.

Dirt and Wear

Dirty or worn rollers can also jam the paper folder. The machine uses friction to grab the paper and move it along the track. Worn or dirty rollers can decrease friction and increase jams. Check the rollers for wear and gently clean them with a mild soap solution.

Skewed Paper Feed

If the paper is fed into the equipment at an angle or skewed in some way, you can end up with crooked folds or paper jams. Double-check the paper as it is fed into the machine to make sure it is lining up correctly.

Nonsupported Materials

Paper folders are designed to fold paper. Machines are engineered to work with certain types of materials. If you attempt to fold other materials with your machine, not only will you experience problems, but you may also damage the equipment and void your warranty.

Incorrect Setup

It can be a little confusing when you are first setting up your paper folder, so pay careful attention to the guides and fold plates. Getting used to setting up your machine can be tricky, but with some practice you will certainly get the hang of it. Take some time to check the setup before tackling a big job.

Paper folding machines are great tools and timesavers…until they get jammed. Check to see if one of these conditions is causing your paper jams. If you have checked into all of them and you are still having problems, you should call a professional to take a look at your machine.

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