Ten Words to Get Your Flyers Noticed

Robert Johnston asked:

The only way to have an effective flyer is to have a catchy front page.  Without a front page that immediately grabs attention and entices customers to read further, your flyers will be worthless.  And a worthless flyer is a tremendous waste of money.

Experience has shown that there are certain words you can include on the front of your flyers that will help to attract more attention.  These words are some of the most powerful words in the English language, because the make the reader think of positive things.  Try to use at least one or two of these words the next time you design a flyer printing project.


Announcing is a powerful word, because when people see it, they immediately expect you to follow it up with a sale or special offer.  Make sure you follow up by offering something special in your flyer.


Any word that makes the reader feel like he is a part of a deal is a good word to use on your flyers.  Exclusive is one of those words.  This word helps puts the reader in a situation where they feel they are part of a special group.


The constant talk about health (and lack thereof) among Americans today has made the word health a powerful advertiser.


This is a great word because, like announcing, it tells the reader that something special is about to happen.  Use that to your advantage on your next flyers.  Readers anticipate a sale or offer when they see this word, so do not let them down.


Love has always been a powerful word, and it still is.  People associate love with good things, and that is what you want with your flyers.  Obviously, you have to use the word love sparingly, in order to avoid diluting its effectiveness.


In this day and age, people want instant gratification.  To satisfy that need, use words like now on your advertisements.


This is a word that has consistently risen up the charts of power marketing words.  That is probably due to Americans’ increasing sense of insecurity about their wellbeing.


Safe really goes hand in hand with protect.  If you are marketing a security product or service, these two words can do wonders on your flyers.


Again, people want to receive things immediately.  Today is another word that satisfies that desire.  Make your readers know that they can take advantage of your business right away.


All of your marketing efforts – not just your flyers – should be focused on your customers, not on your own company.  Put the focus on your customers by using the word you, rather than words like we or I.

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