How to Improve your Flyers

Lynne Saarte asked:

Effective advertising can dramatically increase your leads to your small business. And one of the most effective marketing tools is your flyer printing project. So how can you use your flyer printing project to bring in more money for your business? With these 3 great tips, that’s how.

1 – Use a headline that talks about the benefits.

Your target readers don’t care one bit about your business name. So don’t use it in your flyer printing headline. Instead, your target readers and all people generally, are only interested in one thing only: the benefit. They would want to know what you can do for them rather than what you have for your business.

Human beings are generally a selfish lot. Without any benefit to be had from your products or service, you won’t generate any interest at all with your flyer printing pieces. This is one mistake most business owners often make – they dwell too much on the features rather than the benefit.

Use a flyer printing headline that speaks of the benefits from your business to make things better for your target readers and you’re sure to get their attention.

2 – YOU rather than I.

Use more “you” than “I” in your flyer printing project. Read your flyer printing copy. If you see more I’s than you’s then you better change them fast.

Your target readers are again, not interested about you. They are only interested in themselves. It’s not about you or we; it’s all about me. Your target readers would only be interested if you talk about what they want and how being in business with you would help them have a better life.

Appeal to their self-worth and give them information on how they will get value for their hard-earned money. That’s about it – the benefits.

Here’s a rule of thumb in using the words “I” and “you”: for every “I” there should be at least 5 you’s.

3 – Call-to-action that commands.

Your flyer printing project doesn’t stop at the message; your target readers got to know what the next step is. Give them a definite call-to-action but with an expiration date. And the date expires NOW or IMMEDIATELY.

At the end of your flyer printing project, always include a request that your target readers act according to what you want. There should be no doubt what you want your target clients to read, and how they should act after reading your flyer printing stuff.

Be specific: “Call us now.” “Visit our shop.” “Visit our website.”

The rule here is to make it plain and clear what you want your target readers to do. If you don’t, your target readers would simply ignore your flyer printing message and that would mean losing a sale.

Try these suggestions now and see how they can improve the results you get from your marketing campaign.

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