Club Flyers: Building Up Word of Mouth for Sizzling Events

Carla San Gaspar asked:

Every organizer aspires to throw parties that are the talk of the town for weeks to come, but when word-of-mouth is a little slow to spread, it may need a little push. Send full color club flyers as an invite to tease your guests and create the buzz.

Club Flyers are a cross between a postcard, a flyer, and an invitation. It looks like a postcard, sounds like an invitation, and are handed out like flyers. It is printed in full color and made of the same cover paper stocks postcards are made of.

Here are some ways club flyers help stoke the fire to create raging events.

1. Two important things to remember when designing your club flyer: people are quick to judge and they have a short attention span. They can decide in a glance whether your event is worth dressing up for and going to or not.

2. When you want to win people’s confidence, sometimes you have to strut in like a peacock and display what you’ve got in full color. Beautiful, professional looking invites give a preview to the amount of attention and sophistication the party has. Design your club flyer to make the knock-out first impression that will seal the deal.

3. Give your clients confidence. Word-of-mouth happens because people want the reassurance that in that moment, they have confidently made the right decision. Asking around is simply to confirm that other people feel the same way.

4. Never underestimate the power of curiosity. Flyers tease and flirt with the guests. Giving them enough to spike their curiosity in one effective way of reeling your clients and other interested parties in. Include a little introduction about the DJ you hired for the party or about the popular chef you made delectable and exciting hors d’ oeuvres for this even alone.

5. Club flyers are the perfect visual aid and conversation catalysts about your party. An intriguing and captivating invite is quite irresistible, more so a unique one. Discover plenty of ways you can enhance your club card flyers and edge out the rest of the competition. There are a variety of materials and accessories you can work with. From envelopes to accompanying stationary and more.

6. Always remember to make your club flyers consistent to your event or themes. Make sure that all details embody the concept you had planned out for the party. This helps your recipients gather in what sort of event it’ll be, the type of atmosphere present, and just an overall feel of who the crowd will be.

7. His and hers invitations aren’t exactly new but keep in mind that strategies such as this can help make your parties or events more interesting. Personalize invitations in this manner and more.

Club flyers go a long way to get the conversations about your party going. It is something they can carry around or tuck into their planners or pin on their cork boards. Let your guests know just how hard you intend to party. With your club flyers, you’re party can be as good as done.

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