Is it for You: Flyers

Colleen Davis asked:

Few forms of advertising are as prolific as flyers. Not only are they a very versatile form of marketing, but companies both large and small can benefit from flyer printing, which means a lot of different people are using them. If you haven’t thought about them for your company, let’s see if I can help you make a decision.

What exactly do you use them for?

Flyers are best for short message or announcements. Yes, they can be used for getting your brand name out to people, though more often they’re paired with specific things you need to tell people. This could be a sale, and upcoming event, or it could be letting people know about your business and that they should come in.

How do you get them to people?

Flyers have a very wide variety of different distribution methods. Given their form, they can go a lot of different places, and whether or not your company is large or small might alter how you approach them as well.

Flyers are often placed on bulletin boards at various locations you know your customers frequent. I’m sure you’ve seen them being handed out in the mail before. I’ve seen people either mailing them or more often for small businesses, going door to door to slip them in mail boxes personally to save on mailing costs.

What are the overall costs for flyers?

The reason why flyers are used so often for both large and small companies is because of the small costs to have them made. Flyers aren’t going to be as fancy in the design aspect as many other advertisements, and they aren’t going to have the same type of paper that most advertisements have as well.

The flyer printing costs are very reasonable, which leads to an advertisement that is good for a big company to make some of to improve their overall marketing, and a smaller company to gravitate towards because they’re within their price range for marketing.

Are their any downsides to flyers?

As with many forms of advertising the main downside would be the amount of information you can put on them. Flyers just aren’t large enough to put too many details into, and if you try to you might end up with a convoluted and hard to follow marketing device that won’t help you much in the long run.

Flyers also aren’t always the most fancy looking advertising, which might not mean much to you, but some companies will probably take into consideration.

Given the ease of creating them, the low costs involved, and the wide range of uses, I would hope it’s easy to understand why flyers are used so often. I’m sure you probably have multiple things you can use them for.

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