Business and Flyer Printing 8 Handy Tips for Designing Them

Carla San Gaspar asked:

Flyer printing is an inexpensive way to extend the scope of your marketing reach. A flyer is a small, full colored paper that can hold a variety of information including your pressing offers, your product list and contact information.

Small businesses that delivers their products or offer home services can make full use of flyers. Have them passes around in different locations, have them mailed out, or have them inserted in shopping bags upon purchase – the things with which you can extend the use of your flyers are diverse.

Added to this, the full color printing makes the flyers attractive, while its size makes it easy to fit in almost any place, a hand bag, a wallet or between book pages.

Flyers Musts

Designing your flyers is crucial in the effectiveness of your print to convey the message. Be sure to use the following guidelines when printing flyers.

1) Follow the natural flow of your eyes.

• The natural way of reading or scanning a page is to go from left to right, starting at the top of the page going to the bottom. Your flyer should hold the most important information in the top left part of the page moving downwards.

• For contemporary layouts, you can always follow the patterns found in most comic books. Lay it out in a number 2 pattern or Z-pattern among others.

2) Use simple and easy to read format.

• Most readers avoid laborious and heavy texts are tiring to read. Break up long sentences and difficult ideas with bullet points or numbers. This way, the viewer can simply scan through the page and find the most useful information.

3) Avoid overlapping text and illustrations as it decreases readability.

• Dark colored text should be placed over light colored print (preferably black text on white paper.) This helps the eyes isolate the lines and forms of the text from those of the illustrations behind it. Overlapping text also feels heavy and is tiring for the eyes to read.

4) Include eye catching graphics and illustrations.

• Set aside a part of your flyer for the graphics and illustrations. You can allocate the front side of the sheet for this, while leaving the back page for the text. Colors and images attract the eyes and can work to encourage your customers to make the sale.

5) Make an interesting offer on the headline.

• Your customer is always looking for ways to improve their life and will often take a chance that convincingly shows them how. When you start with an interesting offer, this is more likely to grab your customer’s attention than talking about your business.

6) Direct your customers to your website, the telephone, or to your store.

• The goal of all marketing is to make the sale. When your flyer neglects to include your contact information, then the possibility of making the sale is lessened.

• Directing your customers to the website is a commitment free way with which he can gather more information. The website on the other hand is another marketing tool you can use to encourage the sale.

Flyer printing is a must marketing tool for every business. The ease with which the flyers can be printed and distributed makes it ideal for small and start up businesses who want to extend their market share. Follow the simple and straightforward flyer guidelines to create effective flyers that get to places.

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