Don’t Let Digital Photos Turn Bad in your Flyers

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

Don’t let good photography turn sour get you down. When your photos and illustrations in your flyer printing project is not what you have imagined it to be, you can always go to a flyer printing company that knows what they’re doing.

Sadly, most often than not, many printing shops are not equipped and skilled to process digital photo files for your flyer printing project. They often make mistakes in converting the photo files into CMYK (which is needed to print your flyer printing project). Thus, they tend to do more damage than good. With good intentions, these flyer printing shops would often attempt to fix the problem, but nevertheless introduce new problems that sometimes are even more difficult to solve. By the time anybody can do something, the flyer printing digital photo is already lost.

The good news though, is that with digital technology, it no longer has to be this way. There are digital photographers that can supply you with digital photos that will not give you any problems especially when you’re ready to send your flyer printing project to the printers.

Ask your digital photographer with one of these things:

1 – FPO images for your flyer printing layout plus the original raw files. The raw files are those taken prior to any conversion to RGB or any other process. Skilled personnel from your flyer printing company will be able to handle this kind of images.

2 – RGB tiff images that are tagged properly and which can be handled by a skilled and professional operator for best results with your flyer printing project.

3 – CMYK tiffs set up by a skilled digital photographer who knows what he is doing. You can also ask if available, color separations already made from the raw camera files applying your flyer printing company’s own settings. Photographers who do this are rare; but are available.

Second tip to avoid getting into a jam later on with your flyer printing digital photos, go to a flyer printing shop whose prepress staff knows three important things: (1) the basic principles of color management; (2) the significance of modern hardware-calibrated displays; and (3) the proper way to view and work on your digital flyer printing photos.

You need these people because they can help you with what color temperature to apply, what white balance means, and they know how to work in RGB without having problems working on LAB and CMYK to your benefit.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to get help from the experts. These skilled people will know how to go about getting you the best digital photos for your flyer printing project. So use them and they’ll probably help you get what you want for your flyer printing project.

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