Sticky Flyers That Make you Want to Stay

Janice Jenkins asked:

A sticky flyer…hmmm…that’s a novel idea. Actually, the idea is not so novel as the words themselves.

A sticky tape is something that puts things together like paper and another paper. Or a plastic material to another paper. What if we could apply the same technique to our flyers? Wouldn’t it be great to have a flyer printing project that can make people want to stay and read more of what you have to say in your flyers?

This is what repeat business is all about. And repeat business is part and parcel of what makes our business come alive. It’s what brings in the clients that provide the increase in sales.

A sticky flyer gives you many benefits but we’ll just mention three of them:

1. A sticky flyer builds one-to-one relationships with your target clients.

When your target clients stick around and reads your flyer printing copy, it is the opportunity for you to build your relationship with these clients. This is the time to develop individual relationships that can last a long time. Even with the current roster of clients you have, regularly building a bond is a must to make your business work for much longer period of time.

2. It builds trust and confidence.

Building that special business bond with your clients helps you to gain their trust, as well as their confidence in your company. The premise is that people are going to buy from you only when they trust you enough to part with their hard earned cash.

And it’s not that easy to build relationships. In fact, it’s the most difficult to start. Marketing your business is easy. Getting your target clients to believe in you – enough to make them to stick with you – needs more time and energy from you.

Trust and confidence equals increased sales.

3. Repeat Visit = Increased Sales.

A sticky flyer printing project is marketing collateral that makes your target clients want to stick around and read again and again.

By creating the opportunity for your target clients to reread what you have to offer in your flyers, you are increasingly exposing your products and services to them. By making them recognize not only your product or service, but more importantly your business, chances are that your target clients become more comfortable with your idea or message. This is what makes the sales.

Repeat visit to your flyer printing project equals buying opportunity which equals to increase in sales.

Just like the elements that make up a sticky tape, your flyers can be as sticky as you want them to be. Creating a sticky flyer gives you the opportunity to promote your business well to your target clients. When people want to read your flyers again and again, it gives you the chance to expose your products and services to them. This means more sales in the long run.

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