Common Mistakes Made When Flyer Printing

Andrew Redfern asked:

When companies want to advertise a new product, service, or event, they will often use flyers to make their announcement. Another form of advertising is with business cards that the company will give out to just about anyone that will accept one. This is because business cards are another very effective form of advertising. When companies decide to embark on business card printing or flyer printing, it’s very important to take a few things into consideration. Just as these types of advertisements may draw people in, the wrong look or feel can drive customers away and cost the company thousands of dollars. Read below to find some of the most common mistakes that are made during flyer printing.

The first thing to remember is that you want everything that has the company name on it to be extremely professional. Many people believe that the company can save a lot of money by doing the flyer printing and business printing on their own. While this method may be cheaper, it’s important to consider that the look will not appear as professional as it would if the flyers or business cards had been taken to a professional printer. The increase in cost is only slightly higher and the company will reap many of the benefits for years to come. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have any input on the final look of the flyers and businesses and because of that, you still need to consider what you want the design of the flyer or card to look like and for this aspect of flyer printing as well, there are some things to take into consideration.

The first thing to remember with your flyer or business card design is to use color but be smart about using it. Colored stationery makes a much larger impact than black and white. It will catch the consumer’s eye and the right color can pull the whole thing into place. That being said, don’t use so much color that the eye doesn’t know where to go when looking at it. The color should definitely not overwhelm but shouldn’t be so subtle that it can barely be seen either.

Another design element that will grab a customer’s attention is to use photography for visual effect instead of clipart or other computer generated images. This will not only make the business cards or flyers more unique and make them stand out among many of the competitors but it will also give the printing a more personal feel. Keep in mind however, that images and visual effects can also be overdone. Keeping it simple is very important with your flyer printing or business card printing and will not overwhelm your consumers.

If there is a photograph or image that will be perfect when doing your flyer printing, place the image in the middle of the page and everything else surrounding it. This will focus all of the attention on the center of the page and really make the flyer stand out. This is a trick that professionals use when flyer printing or business card printing and is why the business name usually appears in the very center of the business card with images in the corners or on the sides.

There are some things that need to be considered carefully when you are about to print flyers or business cards. Making sure that the stationery is unique and grabs attention are the two most important things to remembered when flyer printing.

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