It Takes Less Than 5 Minutes to Get your Flyers Into the Trash

Lynne Saarte asked:

You’ve read everything there is to know about how to create an effective flyer printing piece that would surely get your target client’s attention. You’ve applied every trick in the book to get you the leverage over your competition.

But why do your flyers always get thrown in the trash as fast you are able to print them? What makes your business neighbor more desirable than your business? More importantly, what makes their flyers more attractive than what you produce?

Five minutes is all it takes to get your flyers into your target reader’s pocket. It also takes only five minutes for your flyers to get thrown in the garbage bin.

Here are more tried and tested suggestions, as well as a checklist to get your flyer priting pieces out of the trash and into your target audience’ minds.

1 – Always be professional. Poor quality graphics and design would almost always get you trashed. When you use bad graphics and poor quality design, your target clients would get the signal that you are unprofessional and at the same time, does not know anything about your business. Flyer printing materials that look unprofessional also reflects on the way you handle your business.

2 – Always be readable. Not only should your flyer printing design be pleasing to the eye of the beholder, but it should also have content that is readable and legible. Graphics, images and color should be used not only to include aesthetic features to your flyer printing pieces; but more than anything else, your elements should be used to improve on the readability of your message.

3 – Always appeal to emotions. Marketing analysts know for a fact that consumers almost always buy more on emotions and not on logic. Your flyer printing should always appeal to your target clients’ emotions to create a connection. Or it’s the trash for you.

4 – Always have the benefits. More than the information, your target clients look for the benefits they can get from your products and services. Your flyer printing piece is a sure bet of getting trashed when you focus more on the features of your product rather than what it can give your target clients.

5 – Always be personal. Without a connection, your flyer printing project would surely go to the trash. Your target reader is not interested in how great your products are; rather, they are more receptive of how your business can provide an easier life for them.

6 – Always highlight a message. Don’t confuse your target readers that they don’t know where your message starts or where it ends. It usually gets your flyers thrown in the trash fast. Reduce your content to highlight one compelling message. Don’t bombard your flyers with too much information.

7 – Always speak in layman’s terms. If they don’t understand, your flyers will go in the trash.

8 – Always include a call to action. What do you want your target readers to do after they read your flyer printing pieces? Direct your target readers to a particular action. Should they call you or go to your website for more information? If not, again, it’s the trash for you.

If you are getting more opportunities to visit the garbage bin rather than your target readers’ stock of information pieces, then it’s time for you to re-organize and plan your marketing strategy. Otherwise, your flyer printing project will just cost you much money and heartache.

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