Adding Creative Strokes to Club Flyers

Joel Owens asked:

Club flyers are essential tools for marketing your product, services and most notably, events. Be it for parties, concerts, product launches, or sale, you’re sure to reel the right people in with club card flyers.


As a print material, you can easily design club flyers any way you want to and print a size anywhere between 2×2 up to 12×18 dimensions.

Club flyers, for the uninitiated, are like postcards for it has the same card stock and can be printed on both sides as well. With club card flyers, you can go beyond the popular sizes of postcards and opt for much bigger ones.

More often than not, club cards flyers possesses a certain flexibility not present in other prints. You can use it in plenty of small and big ways. You can use them as tickets, passes, invitations, and then as inserts, mini-posters and the like.


Feel free to explore the many ways you can use club card flyers and let your creativity flow unto the fine print. Dare to scale the heights and print in full color, using gloss or UV coated stock to bring out the vibrancy of your design.

Yes, design is the most selling feature of prints. For club card flyers, this is important for the design can imbibe and inform recipients at the same time as to what your message is all about. It can influence them altogether and make the occasion more inviting than ever.

Design and printing go hand in hand in club flyers. The same is true for other print media. Nevertheless, the main consideration is for you to work with the prints and the printing process for you to achieve the design you want. This is also true vice versa.

And so, to achieve the design you want, you have to explore the possibilities. Here then are those things that can help you work out your design into fabulous prints.

1. Card Stock

Since club card flyers are card stock, meaning they are thicker, heavier and much more durable than ordinary paper, you acquire and apply special jobs.

These special jobs includes the effects brought on by embossing, raising an image or font from the surface of the card stock into a semi-3 dimensional object. This can be likened to carving an image or shape unto the card.

Debossing too is another special job wherein the reverse effect of embossing is applied. This creates depressions or stamps of images and fonts pressed into the card stock. So as you can see, you can have these fabulous jobs which may otherwise be impossible for other stocks.

2. Multi-Color

Do not be shy with colors and splash your club flyers with different hues you can find in the CMYK mode. Your club flyers are printed using four color process of CMYK that captures a broad range of colors, so you can experiment with different colors all you want.

3. Die Cutting

Literally shape the club card flyers that you want with die cutting. Your printer can create different shapes, curves or lines that go beyond the conventional, rectangular shape of club flyers.

4. Folding

Folding is possible even with card stock. Printers can score your club flyers so it folds easily. All without ugly creases that ruins your prints and print design.

However, it is important to note that if you wish to fold your club flyers, additional charges will be applied. Other than this, you may want to reconsider your layout as folds can hide or eliminate parts of your important text.

Make club flyers one of the most captivating, exciting and inviting print materials you’ll ever make. Acquire the printing services too of a qualified printing company and you are sure to enjoy club card flyers that can literally bring life to your party.

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