Market your Editorial and Copywriting Services with Letterhead and Envelope Design

Girlie Nuqui asked:

Matching letterheads and envelopes can be the ideal communication and marketing medium for your editorial and copywriting services. You can use corporate stationery to strengthen your branding efforts and communicate with clients. Sending your message with letterheads and envelopes shows your professionalism and creates a distinction from other editors and copywriters. If utilized properly, letterheads and envelopes can help boost your income. And since corporate stationery represents your brand identity, you should be particular with letterhead and envelope design.

•    Add a Teaser on Your Envelopes: Clients should be engaged to read your message just by looking at your envelopes. The design of your envelope is crucial, because this is the first thing that your clients see when they receive your mail. Adding a teaser such as a catchy slogan or an ad piques the interest of your clients. A “Free Editorial Service Trial” for instance, can motivate clients to open your mail to know more about the offer.

•    Use Customized Stamp and Seal: If you are tired of generic-looking envelope stamp and seal, you can design your own online. This gives you the freedom to choose an envelope stamp and seal that best represents your copywriting and editorial services.

•    Opt for Online Printing: Good-quality online printing enhances the over-all look of your letterhead and envelope design. Online printing service is guaranteed to produce clear, vibrant, and presentable printed materials.

Make your corporate stationery stand out by designing them based on your brand image. Do not hesitate to experiment with different letterhead and envelope design until you find the perfect one that suits your preferences.

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