Tips to Get Your Envelopes Opened

Kate asked:

There’s more to designing your marketing collaterals than just a good layout, striking colors and attractive fonts. The key to every collateral sent via direct mail is to make your custom envelopes so interesting that your recipients have no other option but to want to open it. When done right, your collaterals have more chances of being read with the envelope printing you have. So how do you get your custom envelopes opened?

First things first, you have to compel your recipients to open the envelope. Your main objective is to put your offer in front of your clients and prospects. When they read your message, it can open up an opportunity for you to do a follow up with your target clients. But UNLESS your target clients open your custom envelopes, you won’t even have the wee bit chance to get them involved with your business.

In addition to your design you should also consider having your direct mail qualify your prospects. You don’t mail your custom envelopes to just about everyone and then hope that a few will try to open them. This is only a waste of your time and effort, not to mention the money you’ve put into your envelope printing. When you qualify your target audience, you’re able to concentrate on what design and layout you can provide your recipients so they have more reason to open your envelope and read what’s inside. It takes a few phone calls to know your prospects and get them interested in what you have to say.

Give the right offer to the right people. A targeted list will more than likely get you a positive response. Don’t waste your resources on people that don’t have a need for your offer. It’s better to concentrate on those you know have the capacity to take you up on your offer, rather than pitch to everyone else without any certainty whether your message will make an impression. The key here is to know your recipients and target your distribution.

Next, keep your design and layout simple. Don’t clutter your envelope printing with too many elements. Remember the KISS principle? Keep it simple and sweet. The easier it is for your recipients to understand what your message is all about, the quicker for them to decide in your favor.

Finally, if you can, make your direct mail envelopes personal. Include your client’s name and handwrite it. Also include a post-paid envelope or reply card to make sure that your recipients would have an easier time responding to your call. You have to be precise in what they should do next.

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