4 Tips on Designing Corporate Envelopes

Girlie Nuqui asked:

Corporate stationery is an essential component of your branding and marketing arsenal. These printed materials can be your all-around tool for direct mailing, client meetings, and appointments. Your corporate envelope is as important as your company letterhead, because this is the first thing that clients see upon receiving your mail. Below are a few helpful tips you can use in creating envelopes that leave a good impression:

Compelling Design: Your envelope should be able to stand out from the pile of mail that clients receive everyday. The design should appeal to your clients in order to engage them to open the letter. Think of an innovative and creative envelope design that will instantly attract your customer’s attention. Call to Action: Make sure that your message gets read by placing a call to action on your envelopes. Think of your envelopes as a fiction that needs a cliffhanger to get your customers hooked. Pique their interest by adding intrigue on your envelopes. Use a catchy slogan that will motivate them to read the content. For instance, you can put a short message on your envelope and reveal the rest of the information inside. Avoid including messages like “You might have won a prize” or any misleading statements, because clients might consider your mail as junk. Unique Delivery: Instead of leaving your letters in your client’s mailbox, why not hand it to them personally? You can hire people to do it for you to add a little twist on your message delivery. Your company’s masquerade ball invitation for instance, can be delivered by a person dressed up in a costume.  Customers will be impressed with the effort you put on your mail and will more likely generate a positive response from them.

Prepare your envelopes for printing by downloading envelope printing templates from an online printer’s website. Print templates serve as your reliable guide in setting up your files for envelope printing. You will be able to present your envelopes with pride and confidence by following these design tips and seeking help from a reputable online printer.

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